3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro 2.5.0i Final With Crack Latest

3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro 2.5.0i Final With Crack Latest

3C All-in-One Toolbox is a unique application that contains a complete set of tools for controlling and monitoring any android devices. With this application, you can perform a clean reboot, enable and disable network adapters, make automatic backup of installed applications, monitor the system status using widgets on the screen, view SDcard, read kernel data, task manager, close applications automatically when there is insufficient memory, CPU tuning and other useful feature

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• Processor and device status control profiles
• Application management
• Full control over the system
• Detailed battery settings

Your device manager *
• Operation profiles (CPU, IO, other components)
• Task scheduler (management applications, cleaning tails, etc.)
• Automatic activation of profiles
• Configuring power saving profiles

File manager *
• Support for commands: copy / paste, archive, move
• Select permissions and rights for files / folders
• Access to the Samba service.

Application manager *
• Backing up and restoring text messages and call logs
• Removing system applications • Backing up
applications to email. mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc. …
• Move applications to internal memory / SD card
• Freeze / unfreeze applications, and control over their launch.
• Zip alignment, cleaning cache, editing application permissions
• Control on notifications. Lock apps by password, screen orientation.
• Standby statistics (view applications that “eat” your battery)

Network Manager
• Configuring WiFi hotspot priorities
• Configuring firewall, TCP, DNS servers * Process manager

• Checking the load of the processor, RAM and the Internet network
• Closing or forced closing of selected applications, or kernel processes
• Taskkiller, accelerator and memory cleaner

System management *
• Control over the frequency and voltage of GPU, CPU
• Editor build.prop and sysctl (Normal and advanced modes)
• Acceleration, analysis and assessment of the state of the SD card
• Android memory manager
• Control over fsync, gamma, sweep2wake, as well as over fast charging
• Restore default values ​​from this application or recovery and restore processor settings during bootloop

System monitoring
• Monitoring of all applications and processes, battery, processor, Internet network, RAM
• Detailed settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN

Status bar notifications
• Notifications about battery status, CPU load, RAM, SD card, temperature devices
• Displaying the remaining battery power from the bottom or top of the screen
• Replacing the drain icon of the battery

Customizable widgets
• Resizing the widget
• 1×1 and 2×1 (in the PRO version) text widgets
• 2×1-5×2 graphic widgets (in the PRO version)
• 1×1 and 4×1-1×4 widgets -switches (in PRO version) *
• 4×4 complex widgets (in PRO version)

Switches (Customizable)
• Localization of GPS, WiFi
• WiFi, search for Bluetooth devices, APN, NFC, Flight mode
• Access point (USB, WiFi, Bluetooth)
• Brightness, screen off timeout, flashlight
• Call mode selection
• Debugging (via WiFi), restart

Terminal Emulator & Scripting
• History commands
• Running scripts when the device is turned on
• Viewing scripts and commands

Reading system logs *
• Reading Logcat and messages from the kernel
• Advanced search capabilities

    • For stable operation you need root and kernel support

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