Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Multilingual !{Latest}

Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Multilingual !{Latest}

Agisoft PhotoScan allows you to automatically create high-quality 3D model objects based on digital photos.

To reconstruct an object in PhotoScan it is enough to upload photos, no additional information is required. The restored textured 3D model can be saved in various formats – OBJ, 3DS, PLY, FBX, VRML, COLLADA, U3D, PDF.

PhotoScanIt is able to process any photos taken with any digital camera from any angle. The main thing is that each element of the reconstructed object should be visible from at least two shooting positions.

If you enter at least one distance between object points or shooting positions in the program, PhotoScan restores the scale of the entire model and allows you to determine the distances between any points of the object and calculate the area and volume of the object or its parts.

If you enter coordinates of at least 3 points of the object or 3 shooting positions into the program, PhotoScan automatically binds the model to the given coordinate system, allows you to calculate the projection of the model on a given surface (orthomosaic),

the height matrix with respect to the given surface (DEM), save the orthomosaic and DEM in various formats and coordinate systems.

How PhotoScan Works
Typically, the goal of the users of the PhotoScan program is to restore the textured 3D model of the object. This goal is achieved through four stages of processing:

1)Determination of positions and parameters of external and internal orientation of cameras. At this stage, PhotoScan finds common points of photos and on them determines all camera parameters: position (to the scale), orientation, internal geometry (focal length, distortion parameters, etc.).

The results of this stage are a sparse cloud of common points in 3D model space and data on the position and orientation of the cameras.

In PhotoScan, a sparse point cloud is not used in further processing stages (except the model mode based on a sparse point cloud), and serves only to visually evaluate the quality of photo alignment. However, a sparse point cloud can be exported for later use in external programs.

2) Construction of a dense cloud of points. The construction of a dense cloud of pixels is performed by PhotoScan based on the calculated camera positions and used photographs. A dots cloud of points can be edited and classified before exporting or moving to the next stage of creating a 3D model.

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

You can download Agisoft PhotoScan Professional from the link below…

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