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ABBYY Screenshot Reader

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a convenient and easy-to-use utility for creating screenshots of any area of ​​the screen. By downloading it from, you can save an image of the entire screen, an application window, or a manually selected area

. You can use these images when preparing presentations or email them to friends or colleagues. If necessary, the application will recognize text from the selected area of ​​the screen and save it in an editable format. This is useful when the text cannot be copied in the usual way, for example, in animated videos, multimedia presentations, graphics.

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Main features of ABBYY Screenshot Reader:

  • Take screenshots of any area of ​​the screen. The program will help you easily and easily create screenshots of any area of ​​your computer screen and use these images when preparing presentations, training materials, or sending to friends or technical support. Using the Stitched Screenshot feature, you can take a 5-second delay snapshot, for example, to take a snapshot of a specific moment from an animated movie.
  • Recognition of text from a selected area. Sometimes when viewing images, presentations or PDF files, it becomes necessary to copy a particular phrase, but this cannot be done with ordinary copying. As a result, you have to retype the information manually. Familiar situation? Using ABBYY Screenshot Reader, you can quickly create a snapshot of the desired area with text and convert it into an editable format. You can then paste the recognized text into the document you are working with or save it to a new Microsoft Word and Excel document. The program recognizes texts in 179 languages ​​and supports 14 interface languages.
  • Simple and user friendly interface. The program is very easy to use. You only need to specify the format in which you want to save the screenshot: as an image or as a document, and then select the screen area with the mouse cursor. Screenshot or text for further editing at your disposal! For your convenience, the program can be configured in such a way that it is always at hand and launched by one click from the tray menu.

Image save formats: Bitmap (.BMP, *.DIB, *.RLE), JPEG (.JPG, .JPEG), PNG (.PNG)
File save formats: Microsoft Word (.DOC), Microsoft Excel (.XLS), CSV Document (.CSV), Rich Text Format (.RTF), Text (*.TXT),
Recognition Languages: Recognizes documents in 179 languages. For 36 of them spell checking is provided.

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