App Builder 2022.24 (x64) {Latest}

App Builder 2022.24 (x64) {Latest}

App Builder 2022.22 (x64) Multilingual {Latest}

App Builder is an advanced yet user-friendly software utility whose purpose consists of helping people create their own HTML5 programs, even if they lack advanced knowledge in the field, as they will not be required to write a single line of code if they do not want to.

Initially intimidating yet accessible interface
In what concerns its appearance, the tool may seem a bit cluttered at first, seeing how all of its panels, ‘Tools’, ‘Actions’, ‘Objects’, ‘Views’, and others, are displayed on the right, left and lower edges of the main window, thus leaving little space for the working area.

However, all the panels can be pinned or unpinned from the window, allowing users to place them anywhere on the screen. Once developers figure out which components they have the most use for, they can easily close all others.

HTML5 visual app design with nothing but a couple of mouse clicks
App Builder relies on the concept of visual programming, thus requiring no code writing to take place.

It allows users to create applications in any set of height and width values, centered horizontally or vertically, as well as make them scalable.
With the help of the ‘Tools’ and ‘Actions’ panels, users can insert various ‘Containers’, ‘Buttons’, ‘Inputs’, ‘Contents’, ‘Tasks’, ‘Databases’, ‘Media’, ‘Non-Visuals’ or ‘Design’ elements, as well as ‘Timer’, ‘Views’, ‘Control’,
‘Arrays’, ‘Watcher’, ‘Variables’, ‘Sensors’, ‘Strings’ and other ‘Functions’, with just a click on the targeted item, then on the working area.
Each new item can be customized in terms of ‘Behaviour’, ‘Style’, ‘Hover’ and ‘Focus’ preferences. Once users consider they have finalized their application, then have the option of debugging it,
from the ‘Run’ menu, to identify any possible issues, then they can ‘Build’ it, generating the output result.
An intuitive HTML5 visual app creator
Overall, App Builder is a practical and effective programming solution which can assist aspiring developers to create HTML5 apps, even if their knowledge of code writing is limited to non-existent, as the entire operation, from start to finish, is done visually.
In short, I was exhausted, the program is super, if you are new and do not understand where to poke, did not teach yet, do not worry, almost everything has been done for you already, a couple of buttons just push and it’s ready!

Whats New
* Update the CSS themes (cerulean, cosmo, cyborg, litera, lumen, minty, sandstone, sketchy, slate, solar, spacelab, superhero, united, vapor, yeti and zephyr) provided by Bootwatch ( to the latest version. These themes matches now the version of Bootstrap CSS that we are already using in the app default theme and other stuff like the welcome, about, product help and plugins help pages.
* Add thew darkly, flatly, journal, materia, morph, pulse, quartz and simplex themes from the Bootwatch ( package. Modify the Themes sample app in order to incorporate these new themes and add also some other controls to the sample app view.
* Update the Render Javascript library (VueJS) to the latest release. This release of the Render library includes various changes, fixes and enhancements.
Developer : David Esperalta 
License : ShareWare 
Language : English 
Size : 15 MB 
OS : Windows 

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