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Artlantis + Media

Artlantis Studio Creak is a program for creating high-quality visualization of images, animation and VR-panoramas in high quality. The program has basic functions for creating three-dimensional objects and scenes, however, it is intended for post-processing and high-quality rendering. Using the program, you can change any object, surface or detail of the 3D scene, add materials (shaders) by dragging them onto objects from the catalog. The program can use your own images as materials.

The program allows you to create realistic images, assign and change the optical properties of finishing materials, set the perspective and sources of natural and artificial light, create scenes of virtual reality and edit the trajectories of motion for animated videos. Create QuickTime VR files. Using QuickTime VR, you can create interactive presentations for the Web, in which, for example, the designer can set the desired degree of display accuracy and resolution, and the interactive DOF allows you to achieve the desired focus.

Artlantis Studioallows users to animate objects, as well as directly exchange data with ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, SketchUp, AutoCAD and Arc +. The import function supports several file formats used in CAD, including DXF, DWG and 3DS. A simple interface provides access to tools, including Postcard file sharing. Technology PostCard allows you to make statements or catalogs of materials from ordinary raster images.

Features Artlantis Studio:

Method of radiation (Radiosity)
Display 3D models, taking into account the reflection of light from surfaces! The updated visualization mechanism allows you to get a high-quality display of the project, taking into account the reflection of light from the walls, floors, ceilings and other objects of the building. And due to the fact that the image of the preliminary window is recreated in real time, you will get a better and expected photo image after the final rendering of the 3D model.

Imitation of the firmament
In the new version of Artlantis substantially reworked all sources of illumination of the project. Thanks to the introduction of new types of sources (“physical sky”, sun, moon and stars), all visible elements shed light on other objects of the project through the global illumination function. In addition, various types of clouds (cirrus, cumulonimbus and stratified) will undoubtedly only add realism to the sky, and therefore to your project.

Automatically adjusting the lighting
Thanks to the new technology of automatically adjusting the lighting, Artlantis dynamically adjusts the level of illumination of the scene: from the pre-dawn haze to the dim light of the evening sky, depending on the external or internal visualization. And this in turn leads to an increase in the quality of images and animation.

Built-in post-processing of images
Need additional processing of the resulting photographs It makes no sense to use additional software – all you need is in Artlantis. In the new version of the program appeared functions for processing raster images – setting the brightness, contrast and color table of the final image. And by adding an image of grain, contour lines or pastel fill surfaces, you can achieve a fantastic result on the stylization of the image. All changes are instantly displayed in the preview window, and the effects can be used either one by one or as a group.

Shader preparation (Shader)
The new version of Artlantis has new tools for the automatic creation of textures. From now on, shaders received new properties: mirror image, gloss, blur effect, raster overlay adjustment … all to improve the quality of textures. This function is intended primarily for experienced users of the program – now they can independently configure the shader libraries through the program interface.

Rich set of textures and objects
Thanks to an additional collection of textures and objects consisting of 25 CDs, Artlantis users can quickly get started and set up realistic environments, simulating real-life scenes in the virtual world. With the release of the new version of Artlantis, additional 5 CDs with families for Artlantis are released: animated 3D people models, billboard people, cars, stone and marble floors. New shaders and objects will add realism to your scenes, and it is very easy to control elements using dra technology.

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 – 64bit.

You can download Artlantis from the link below…

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