Ashampoo Office Professional + Portable

Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 Rev 917.1121 + Portable

Ashampoo Office Professional + Portable

Discover the new Ashampoo Office  – a real alternative to MS Office! Work with full compatibility – our office suite knows and uses all the major Microsoft formats. Work with a classic menu or in a modern ribbon style.

The new Ashampoo Office is also optimized for touch screens and even more user-friendly than ever. Thanks to the clever drop-down menu, the initial training panel and the improved spelling check, you will complete your documents with unprecedented speed!

It can not be simpler: the new tape interface in Ashampoo Office The
modern tape interface allows users to get access to a huge set of functions faster. And by the way: the tape interface still allows you to access all the functions through the menu. This makes the transition from the classic interface unprecedentedly simple. If you do not want to switch to it, the classic interface is still in place. The choice is yours!

Ideal text processing: TextMaker 
TextMaker 2018 is a modern word processor for any type of documents – greeting cards, brochures, business letters or whole dissertations. The unique object mode allows you to freely place drawings, graphics and text in your documents. Counting words in real time will help you to meet any length limits, and DOCX support ensures that your files will always open in Microsoft Word. Ready-made documents can not only be printed, but also exported to PDF or e-book.

Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 Rev 917.1121 + Portable

Workshop tables: PlanMaker
Powerful PlanMaker 2018 makes the creation of calculations, tables and graphs an incredibly simple task. From simple schedules, and to complex financial plans of your company – for this you have PlanMaker. Syntax highlighting and checking formulas will help you quickly find and fix errors. And with more than 350 built-in operations, easy table management and support for huge sheets with more than 1 million rows, and also with consolidated ones, PlanMaker 2018 will cope with any calculations. In addition, the program uses the format XLSX – Microsoft Excel format!

Enchanting Presentations: Presentations 
Use Presentations 2018 to create presentations that will never disappoint. Breathtaking animation and slide transitions in conjunction with the concept of image slides will help you cope with any project. Create any number of slide designs with multiple placeholders in just a few clicks. Not only will this give your slides a compiled look, but also full compatibility with PowerPoint. Many ready-made templates, customizable with one click, will take care of your design from your shoulders. Add sharpness to your presentations with images, graphics, sound, video and animation. since presentations use PPTX as the main format, compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint is guaranteed.

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