Ashampoo PDF Pro 1.0.7 + Crack

Ashampoo PDF Pro 1.0.7

Ashampoo PDF Pro is a complete solution for managing and editing your PDF documents. The program contains everything you need to create, convert, edit and protect your files. Create documents with ideal sizes that are available on any device, use encryption to protect your property. Your PDF is now edited as easily as Word documents!

As easy as text processing
Editing PDF is as convenient as in MS Word
With Ashampoo PDF creation, editing PDF documents, and adding annotations, they are as simple as exporting them for further processing in Microsoft Word or another application. Ashampoo PDF always produces excellent results, regardless of whether you work with text or images, replace fonts, change layers or redistribute pages in a document.

Do not copy – convert!
Perform further editing of your documents in MS Word or other formats
Ashampoo PDF converts your PDF into text documents for editing in MS Office or Ashampoo Office. As export formats, HTML, EPUB, JPG or RTF are supported. Ashampoo PDF Professional also supports text recognition (OCR), which allows you to convert your scanned files into an editable document.

Flexible Text Editing
Version control and spell checking
Shuffle the pages
Formatting, checking and reconfiguring with ease
Checking documents with Ashampoo PDF is like a breath of fresh air. Shuffle and delete or crop and rotate individual pages as you like. You can even embed pages from other PDF documents or merge several documents into one file.

Easy PDF creation
Built-in PDF printer driver for maximum flexibility
Ashampoo PDF can create high-quality PDF from any Windows application. Just select “Print” and select the Ashampoo PDF virtual printer. If the size matters, Ashampoo PDF can automatically reduce the quality of the images, for example, for publication on the network.

Commenting and highlighting
Edit and add annotations to PDF together
Ashampoo PDF allows you to easily add comments to PDF-documents, illustrate important details and highlight individual phrases with a marker. It also has ready-made stamps “Agreed!” or “Confidential!”.

Easy extraction of images from PDF
Adding and editing graphics and drawings
Working with graphics and drawings is easy in Ashampoo PDF. Paste, edit, move, and crop objects as needed. You can even use them as watermarks to protect your intellectual property or clone them for reuse.

Power in simplicity: search and replace
Replacement of words or entire phrases in seconds
The search and replace function in Ashampoo PDF goes beyond the search capabilities in other PDF-applications. In addition to text, you can also replace fonts to quickly change the appearance of your documents. Ashampoo PDF even allows you to use this function between several files, for example, for global replacement or update of hyperlinks.

Automatic Text Recognition (OCR)
Instant access and use of text blocks
Ashampoo PDF Professional has powerful tools for recognizing and converting images to text (OCR), for example, from screen shots or scanned documents. Then you can save the results in Ashampoo PDF or send them to Microsoft Word for further processing.

Ideal shapes
Filling and printing forms from the application
Ashampoo PDF not only allows you to fill out interactive forms, it also supports many other forms created in PDF-format and used by various agencies. Save time and fill out the forms on your PC, instead of printing them and filling in the old-fashioned way manually.

Protect your property!
128-bit AES encryption of your documents
Ashampoo PDF can protect your documents with strong 129-bit AES encryption, which prevents others from opening, editing or printing them. You decide who is allowed to read your documents! Do your files contain confidential text or graphics? Reliably blacken them in Ashampoo PDF.


Year of manufacture: 2017
Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / 7
Language: Multilingual + Russian
Medicine: cracked-dll
File size: 188.00 MB

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