ATNSOFT Key Manager With Crack Latest

ATNSOFT Key Manager With Crack Latest

Key Manager – opens up new possibilities of the keyboard and mouse, allowing you to significantly save time and effort when working at the computer. Thanks to the flexible interface, it is possible to create various actions and perform them by pressing hot keys, mouse buttons or combinations, as well as present them in the form of a pop-up menu. In addition, the program has powerful tools for redefining the keys and mouse buttons and blocking them. Overriding and working of actions can be limited or allowed only in certain programs and / or windows.

Key Managerallows you to reassign key combinations and mouse buttons, sequence of presses, long press (press and hold). Allows you to present actions in the form of pop-up menus that can be opened by hot keys; execute, record and edit macros of clicks (sequences of clicks); type or insert text (including formatted text), instantly fill out site forms; launch programs and open sites (in the address parameters of which you can specify the current selected text); change the layout and case of the selected text; control power supply of the monitor, computer; adjust the volume and set a certain level; perform actions on windows (move, set a specific size) and much more.

Key Manager allows you to assign the following actions to regular, long (press and hold) and sequential key presses, mouse buttons, wheel scrolling and modifier key combinations, as well as a pop-up menu:

  • displaying a pop-up menu with other actions you define;
  • inserting the text you defined in plain or RTF format into any program with the ability to insert the current date, time, current selected text and other data based on templates;
  • pressing and blocking keys, key combinations, pressing buttons and scrolling the mouse wheel;
  • recording and executing macros of keystrokes and mouse buttons with the ability to set delays between clicks;
  • perform clicks, position and move the mouse pointer relative to the entire screen, the active window and the previous position, with the ability to return the pointer to its original position after performing an action.
  • launching any program or opening a file or folder (to create it, you just need to drag a shortcut, folder or file into the action window);
  • opening a web page you have defined with the ability to use text templates in the address that allow you to get and substitute the current selected text, the contents of the clipboard and much more;
  • instant email creation, also with the ability to use templates;
  • performing actions on all windows or on the active one (close, minimize, maximize to full screen, restore, hide, show, redraw, move, resize);
  • control computer power, monitor power, control computer sound, launch a screen saver, and more.

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