Audials Radio Pro {Latest}

Audials Radio Pro {Latest}

Do you like to listen to music? What about the radio? Maybe you prefer to listen to podcasts on the way to work / study? We have found for you a great application that will allow you to easily listen to any radio or podcast, meet Audials Radio.

Key features:
• More than 90000 radio stations of all kinds
• Tons of podcasts from all over the Internet
• Record songs of your favorite artists directly from the air
• Listen to your local audio collection
• Connect to your home computer and listen to tracks stored on it
• Connect to cloud storage

Audials Radio Interface
You can talk about the interface for a long time, in some places everything is intuitive, and in some places you can get lost. The wanderings will begin at the moment when you want to find something among the many thousands of radio stations and podcasts, there is another submenu in each submenu, after a couple of minutes you will come to one of two outcomes: the desired station (podcast) was found, or It’s time to go to the main screen and start the search again.

To prevent users from getting into such a situation, the developers have added a fairly convenient search to the application, which will simply scroll through similar stations for you, and you will already choose the one that suits your taste.

Best Radio for Android – Audials Radio
The main function of Audials is to listen to the radio on an Android device via the Internet. When you open the Audials application, you will immediately see a tile with a radio icon at the top of the screen, by clicking on it you can start searching for your radio station.

If you believe the application, then he knows about 95,000 radio stations, an impressive figure, but how to find something good among such a heap of various radio stations? Easy enough if you don’t get lost.

There are several “filters” to search for that will help you find a suitable station based on your taste, on the genre of music and on the country in which this radio is playing. Also, for a comfortable search, you can search for stations that are located near you, and you can also find a station by hits that are playing right now.

Reproduction itself without any complaints, Before listening, short buffering and further great sound without interruptions on loading. By the way, the sound quality can be adjusted using the built-in equalizer.

On the page of the radio station, you can record the tracks that play, and at the end of the recording it is very convenient to save the tracks of interest in MP3 format.

Search for tracks of your favorite artist
If you wanted to listen to new tracks from your favorite artist, but you don’t want to search on the Internet, then you need to go to Audials Radio for Android and in the Wish List indicate the artist of interest and press start.

The application will start scanning about 3000 stations in search of the track of your artist and start recording. In the settings you can specify how many songs you need to record in one go, after which you can check the recorded tracks, delete unnecessary and record new ones.

What’s new:

• UI design improvements and music crash fixes

OS: Android ™ 4.1 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilanguage

Audials Radio Pro (14.7 MB): | Mirror

You can download Audials Radio Pro from the link below…

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