Aurora HDR {Latest }

Aurora HDR {Latest }

New Aurora HDR 2019 – Amplify Your Images with State-of-the-Art HDR. Perfect Every Detail with Powerful New Technology. 3 years in development, Aurora HDR 19’s patent-pending Quantum HDR Engine automatically analyzes millions of pixels, and intelligently builds stunning photos.
Flawless HDR – Instantly
No halos. No ghosting. No artifacts. No chromatic aberration.Revolutionary tone mapping with Quantum HDR Engine
Instantly merge bracketed images into perfectly balanced HDR. Details have never been sharper. Images have never been cleaner. Seeing is believing.

No brackets? No Problem!
Unlock unprecedented detail and expanded dynamic range from single photos. Architecture and nature photographers rejoice.

What’s Been Improved
We have managed to minimize the major issues with the HDR merge. Now, you get amazing images that look as natural as they did when you pressed the shutter.

Seeing is believing. Let’s take the photo below as an example.
* The colors have become more realistic if we consider highlights.
* The chromatic aberration has been reduced.

Natural or Creative HDR
Easily create beautiful, natural HDR, or take it to the limit. New, more powerful Aurora HDR ’19 lets you achieve your unique creative vision.

Powerful Tools & Features:
* Advanced tone-mapping technology
* Advanced image processing engine
* Mac & Windows Support
* Intuitive user interface
* HDR Enhancer
* Fast Brackets Merging
* Native RAW Support
* Pro Preset Packs
* Custom preset pack support
* History Panel
* Histogram
* Before & after comparison
* Lens Correction tool
* Transform Tool
* Dodge & Burn Filter
* Image Flip & Rotate
* Multiply layers & blend modes
* Color Temperature
* Image Radiance
* Masking
* Crop tool
* Detail, clarity and structure controls
* Polarize Filter
* Feather & Density for layer masks
* Top & Bottom Adjustment
* Gradient Masking tool
* Dozens of smart color controls
* High-quality presets for all HDR styles
* Luminosity Masking
* Smart Tone
* Whites & Blacks
* Highlights / Midtones / Shadows
* Custom textures
* HDR Denoise
* Glow tool
* Tone curve tool
* Vignette
* HSL Panel
* Color Toning panel
* Batch Processing
* Auto Alignment
* Automatic Deghosting
* Chromatic aberrations reduction
* Social sharing (FB, 500px, Twitter, etc)
* Adobe Photoshop plug-in
* Adobe Lightroom plug-in
* Apple Photos/ Aperture extension
* Multiple license for 5 computers
* +over 100 tools and features

System Requirements:
* Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (only x64-bit OS)
* Hardware 8 Gb RAM or more.
* Graphics Cards Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphics Cards.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 – 64bit .

You can download Aurora HDR from the link below…

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