Avira Optimizer Pro 2.0 (Android)

Avira Optimizer Pro 2.0 (Android)

Avira Optimizer is a useful application for Android smartphones and tablets,

with which the user can increase the speed and performance of his mobile device,

optimize memory (RAM), clear the internal memory and SD card (by deleting unnecessary files), and also increase the running time battery.

Application features: 
Increase speed and performance.
Cleaning the phone (to improve the gameplay).
Optimize the use of RAM.
Freeing phone memory and SD card (by deleting unnecessary files).
Increased battery life.

Advantages of the program: 
Speed ​​Booster. Acceleration of launch and optimization of processes: increase the speed of the phone with one touch.
Memory Optimizer. An overview of all the applications currently running and the removal of applications that use too much RAM and slow down the phone.
Cleaning up unnecessary files. Memory freeing for photos, videos and music by clearing the phone’s internal memory and SD card (clearing the cache, deleting unnecessary files, etc.).
Clear personal data. Protection against unauthorized access by deleting personal data: search queries, names of subscribers and text messages.
Application Manager. Overview of all applications on the phone, information about the space they occupy and the removal of several applications at once.

What’s new in this version of the program:
It is easy to find tools and features.
Improved payment & registration process.

Platform: android 4.0 +
Interface language: Russian and others
Size: 11 MB

Avira Optimizer Pro 2.0 Android

You can download Avira Optimizer Pro from the link below…

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