Avira Phantom VPN { Latest }

Avira Phantom VPN { Latest }

 Avira Phantom VPN encrypts your connection, enabling you to evade hackers on public WiFi hotspots. It also keeps your web interactions private and bypasses geo-restricted content so that you can enjoy your favorite shows anywhere you are. Be unhackable, untraceable, uncensorable with secure WiFi connections, anonymous surfing, and unrestricted access to your favorite web content. Your financial info, passwords, and other private files are secure: they cannot be intercepted nor read by third parties. Prevent advertisers and eavesdroppers from tracking you. As far as they can see, you’re an anonymous user from an ever-changing location. Bypass geographical restrictions by setting your internet connection to appear as if you’re somewhere else. Download Avira Phantom VPN today!

20 server locations around the world
Select the country you wish to tunnel through to anonymously and securely access your favorite websites – all with two clicks.

Encrypts all your traffic
Prevents online spies from seeing your communications (e.g. with friends, social networks, shopping/banking portals) on all networks, including unsecured open/public WiFi hotspots, by using AES 256-bit encryption between your device and our servers.

Anonymizes your activity
Masks your real IP address to make you look like you’re somewhere (and someone) else, to help keep your identity and confidential activities (e.g. bank transfers or calls) private against online intruders, whether individuals or organizations.

Opens global web access
Gives you a more global Internet experience by letting you set your IP address to look like you’re somewhere else. It helps you access your personal networks, even if traveling where access is limited – because, even though countries have borders, the Internet should not.Phantom VPN is for everyone:Movie lovers
Watch your favorite shows, even when you’re on the road.Globetrotters
Safely connect to public hotspots, wherever you are.

Bypass restricted gaming servers to challenge your friends worldwide.

The security aware
Keep your private communications encrypted and safe from eavesdroppers.

The privacy minded
Escape those companies that track your online IP address.

Website owners
See how your own website looks overseas and how it rates on search engines abroad.

Avira Phantom VPN { Latest }

You can download Avira Phantom VPN from the link below…

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