CallRec PRO 3.6.6

CallRec PRO 3.6.6

Making calls is probably the most important feature of any smartphone. Every day we receive and make more than one dozen calls. Now, if you remember them all, but at the end of the working day you forget what you owe to whom … And nevertheless, there is a way out of this situation – this is the CallRec application .

It can not only record calls, but also is a voice recorder. Actually, from the parts of the above two functions the name of the application was created.

Recording can be carried out both in automatic mode and in manual mode. When making a call, a notification will appear in the “status bar”, according to which you can stop recording the conversation, add a comment and move the recording to the “favorites”.

There are a lot of settings and parameters for recording, starting from a notifying vibration at the beginning of a recording and ending with auto deletion of recordings.

You can listen to any of the recordings in a special menu. In it all the records are laid out on the shelves: “All”, “Inbox”, “Outgoing” and, of course, “Favorites”. The menu is convenient and quite detailed.

But it’s not worth talking about recording your notifications. It is a typical voice recorder – it has a start / stop button and a similar, stylistically, menu. The only thing that is interesting about audio files from CallRec is the quality. .

Again, in the settings you can set the parameters by which the recording will be crystal clear and of high quality (of course, according to the capabilities of your device).

CallRec, like any other decent sound recording application has a widget. It can consist of both a start / stop recording button and add other keys, let’s say, immediately move the record to your favorites.

The main functions of the application:
• Manual recording management;
• Comment, favorites and start recording with one click;
• Timestamps;
• It is possible not to save short conversations (conversations lasting less than N-seconds);
• Separate settings for incoming and outgoing calls;
• Pause before recording;
• Ability to save or delete the record immediately after the conversation;
• Sync with Google Drive;
• Customizable widget;
• Record in .amr, .mp4 or .wav format with a choice of recording quality;
• Search all records;
• Quick filtering by selected number;
• Editing recording information;
• Alerts.

What’s new:

• Optimization to support 64-bit architecture
OS: Android ™ 4.1 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilanguage | |

You can download CallRec PRO from the link below…

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