CamScanner Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner is an intelligent document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, government agencies and schools. It is ideal for those who want to digitize, synchronize, share and manage multiple files on all devices. Selection of 40 million mobile users worldwide.

Scanning is carried out through the built-in camera. At the same time, the angle from which the document is taken is secondary,

since CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator automatically highlights and aligns the image.

Sometimes, however, you have to help the application and manually set the sheet boundaries. In conclusion, the application will offer to use the optimal parameters of color, brightness and contrast to improve the readability of the copy.

CamScanner allows you to scan:

  • Accounts, invoices, contracts, taxes, business cards.
  • Inscriptions, notes, manuscripts, letters.
  • Notes, presentations, books, articles.
  • Certificates, certificates.

Cloud storage services support:

  • Google Drive, Dropbox,

What’s new in this version of the program:

  • Upgrade of Local-Only folder
  • You can import images from local album now.

Platform: android 4.3+
Language: Russian and others

You can download CamScanner Phone PDF Creator from the link below…

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