Davinci Resolve Studio 18 Beta Crack – 2022

Davinci Resolve Studio 14.2 Win / 14.1.1 macOS

Davinci Resolve Studio 18 Beta Crack – 2022

Davinci Resolve is a professional and professional software for editing video files focusing on color correction. The first step in the first step is a full-featured multi-select editor that meets all editorial editing needs. In addition to the general editing capabilities, the program also offers a very wide range of professional film color corrections. In fact, with this product, you have a full editor, which in the area of ​​video color correction is also considered a leader.

This software has great flexibility and can easily be used in a small compilation studio to a large production line like Hollywood. The features of this program are debatable from a variety of angles, such as the creativity of the tools used, their proper compatibility, speed and editing tools suitable for working with images and color correction. But what is certain is the ability to tailor this product to the needs of different users. This program has been used in many Hollywood famous films, and this reflects its practical capabilities.

Davinci Resolve, with over 70 feature properties, covers all editors’ editing needs in the field of movie editing. There are also various capabilities available for teamwork in this program so that teamwork can be possible in large and complex projects. This app has a nice and intuitive graphics interface and has been working hard to provide a great environment for users.

Features and Features of Davinci Resolve:

  • Over 70 different editing capabilities
  • Special focus on color correction of films
  • Extensibility and flexibility for use in studios, regardless of scale
  • Ability to work as a team on large projects
  • Program intelligence and auto-correction
  • Speed ​​and efficiency of the rendering engine
  • And …

Required system :

– Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate with SP1 (x64 Edition only)
– 8GB of RAM (12GB or higher is recommended)
– BlackMagic Design Desktop Video version 9.9.3 or later
– NVIDIA / AMD Driver version – As required by your GPU
– RED Rocket -X Driver and Firmware or later
– RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later


You can download DaVinci Resolve Studio from the link below…

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