Easypano Tourweaver Professional 7.98.180509 !{Latest}


Easypano Tourweaver Professional 7.98.180509 !{Latest}

Tourweaver is a tool for the rapid creation of professional virtual tours, which successfully combine wide functionality with simplicity and convenience of work. The program allows you to combine panoramas, as well as other information, in virtual tours.

Support for importing panoramas created in other staplers is supported. For example, you can import the cylindrical panoramas received in Panorama Factory, or the panoramas generated in 3D-packages, in particular in 3D Studio Max. In addition, it is possible to import panoramas from digital panoramic cameras Kaidan’s 360 One VR, Panoscan, RoundShot, etc.

Key features:
• Street / city display on Google maps. Hot spots and action buttons can be added to two- and three-dimensional Google maps, you can also add polygonal hot spots to 2D maps. • HTML5 tour supports street mapping through Google Maps.
• Upload video to Facebook. With Easypano Tourweaver 7 it is convenient to upload virtual tours on Facebook to access them for interested users.
• Link together spherical panoramas, cylindrical panoramas and video frames / photographs to create a web-based virtual tour;
• Visually make settings;
• Set tracks to a tour to control the distribution of time and coherent control over the virtual tour;
• Develop many interactive maps with radar effect;
• Virtual tours of HD AVI. Virtual tours can be exported in HD and played on TV and other devices. Virtual FLV tours are also supported.
• Virtual tours HTML5 for iPad / iPhone / iPod. In this version, cylindrical panoramas are supported.

APP Virtual Tour
In the Tourweaver publishing pane, you can select APP and publish local applications for the tour. Just download the program APP Maker, APP will be published directly in Tourweaver.

Online map
The online map is supported, and hotspots with actions can be added to the professional edition of Tourweaver. Note that the Flash Tour supports only the Bing map, while Google Maps is used for the HTML5 tour.

Displaying images with multiple resolutions
The Multi-Resolution function allows you to quickly and quickly upload large images. Images of large size are divided into many small image fragments and loaded in parts on the viewer, which requires less memory, which greatly reduces the loading time of the image.

Automatic scaling components
Components of a virtual tour in Tourweaver 7.80 or higher can automatically be integrated into browser windows on different devices, such as a smartphone and tablet.

This function is supported in Map Viewer, Google / Bing Map, Thumbnail and pop-up window.

Coordinates and component binding
Place the tour components anywhere on the viewer, display the coordinates of the components and mark them in the visible red line.

You are allowed to drag components as desired, the coordinate line and the component checkpoint will switch wisely and accordingly.

Access point and radar
Access point of access points can be added to the scene, map and online map in professional virtual tour software. The radar can indicate and show the location of the scene on the map and the position of the current scene.

Pop-up window The
pop-up window helps to make the virtual tour more interactive. Almost all components of the tour can be added to the pop-up window. You can put a button in the main window to bring up a pop-up window. This is indeed a great feature provided by the professional edition of Tourweaver.

The 3D-modeling object is supported in the pop-up window and the main window. It should be in .3ds format. (only support for virtual tour flash flash).

Multimedia components
Flash and video can be used to display rich content. Flash (* .swf), video (* .flv) and music can be added to the virtual tour (on MainWindow), a pop-up window and a scene image.

Thumbnails Flash, Listbox and Combobox
Thumbnails Normal and Flash, Listbox and Combobox can display virtual tour scenes for selection. In the virtual tour created by Tourweaver, you can specify not only scenes, but also a map and a movie.

Media with a group of slideshows
If you want to attract the attention of viewers to any subject in your virtual tour, take off from it. The program Tourweaver7.7 is available with a media slide show, which allows you to view the virtual tour in details (only support virtual virtual tour)

Smooth Flash Player
Tourweaver 7 Flash Panorama player is an innovative panorama player that can play virtual tours with high resolution with the best and smooth visual effect for virtual viewers.

Share via facebook
In just a few steps you can share your virtual tour on Facebook with your friends. Easypano provides free hosting on EP-Sky (sky.easypano.com) for users of virtual software Easypano.

Point Effect
Have you dedicated yourself to creating a virtual tour that is very close to reality? If so, you should be very upset when the access point is floating above the scenes. It just does not look like reality. The effect of the hotspot access point can help you (support only virtual virtual tour).

Gyro effect
Would you like to “drive” your virtual tour, feeling in a virtual tour? A more effective gyro effect is designed for Tourweaver7, which automatically rotates the virtual tour when you rotate your device from any angle.

(support for HTML5 tours only on iOS devices) Flash VR and Swf

virtual tour formats
can be easily inserted on your web page. The stand-alone exe can be burned to a CD and sent to your clients. You can export an HTML5 virtual tour for your iPhone / iPad or publish a local APP for iOS and Android devices. How to use the

effect from day to night
Experience “Day to Night” or “Seasonal transition” in the same place (only virtual virtual tour support)

Virtual tour HTML5 for Android and iOS
Virtual tour Html5 can be viewed on tablets and smartphones, including Android-devices and iPad / iPhone. Additional features, such as gyro effect, support for firefox, IE11 and chrome, etc. Supported in the virtual tour Html5. Explore the differences between Flash and HTML 5 tours.

Virtual Tour HD FLV
You can export your virtual tour to a high-definition video format that can be played on your TV and any other displays. Supported virtual tour FLV (only support virtual virtual tour)

FLV to load the window
You can use the FLV file in the download window. Thanks to this feature in the professional edition of Tourweaver, the tour will not play before FLV finishes playing.

Control Buttons
Supported buttons, video controller, compass, speed controller and sound controller. For the button, various actions can be applied (only to support the virtual virtual tour).

Multilingual Tour
You can add six languages ​​to the same tour: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian, which is the new added feature of the Easypano Tourweaver virtual software.

GPS data is used to find your scene on an online map in this Tourweaver. You can find out the longitude and latitude of the scene as soon as it is imported into the program. Thus, a virtual tour can be more interactive with reality.

Cool effect The
freely adjustable flash effect of the lens can easily be added to a scene that allows you to enjoy the stunning realistic sunshine effect in a bright virtual tour (only for virtual virtual tour flash).

Customizable scroll bar
The scrollbar in different styles is now supported in the Textarea, Listbox, Combobox and Map viewer components to display more text or content in virtual tours. You can also create different scrollbar styles at your own discretion.

Description and components
Use Text, Image and TextArea to display information. They can show a description for each scene, card, movie and component tips, and also launch various actions. User support

Scene type Automatic identification
Tourweaver becomes smarter when importing source images, both spherical and cylindrical, as well as cylindrical panoramas are automatically determined by the program, which makes it easier for you to create a tour.

Acceleration of publication
Tourweaver made efforts to speed up the publication of the tour, the published tour will not repeat all the procedures for publishing a virtual tour for the first time, which will undoubtedly significantly reduce the review and publish time for your tour.

Customizing the right-click menu
The company name and website address can be added to the virtual tour context menu. This is very useful for more visits to your site.

Open API AS and API JS
In this version, some APIs and the JS API have been opened, which allow you to unlimitedly customize your virtual tour.

Are you still complaining about the speed of scanning when you download a virtual tour on the Internet? It’s time to accelerate. JpegXR, supported by Tourweaver, takes you to a fast-paced virtual tour area (only to support a virtual virtual tour)

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

You can download Easypano Tourweaver Professional from the link below…

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