FilmConvert Pro OFX 2.20 !{Latest}

FilmConvert Pro OFX 2.20 !{Latest}

FilmConvert Pro – plug-in for creating the effect of film. The filter adds granularity to the video from digital cameras, thereby simulating the effects of the 19 known movies, which are available in presets. The OFX plugin is installed and works in programs Sony Vegas, Foundry Nuke and DaVinci Resolve

Until recently, a conventional film had some technological advantage over the digital one. But now we have digital sensors that can match or exceed the parameters of a regular film by the dynamic range. But in this case, the film with digital sensors seems “too clean” for some people who like to watch film films with their inimitable charm and amazing warmth.
To do this, and created a plugin FilmConvert, which actually uses the color information of specific cameras. Pro version has 19 presets, support for DSLR and RED cameras, EDL / XML import, automatic / manual color correction, adding granularity, support for up to 4K resolution and the ability to export uncompressed files (standalone version).

FilmConvert Pro OFX

System requirements:

  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 12 – 15
  • Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 – 9 Studio
  • HitFilm Pro 7 – 8
  • Sony Vegas Pro 12 -15
  • The Foundry Nuke 9
  • Assimilate Scratch 7 – 8
  • Windows 7 sp1 (64 bit) and up.
  • For OpenCL rendering a version 1.1 capable graphics card and runtime system are required.
  • For CUDA rendering (Resolve 12+ only) a CUDA Compute Compatibility version 3.0 capable graphics card is required.

You can download FilmConvert Pro OFX from the link below…

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