Forte Notation FORTE 9 Premium 9.2.0 !{Latest}

Forte Notation FORTE 9 Premium 9.2.0 !{Latest}

Forte Notation FORTE – a music editor that allows you to perform all the necessary operations with a musical notation. In the era of computer technology, the music editor became an indispensable assistant in the work of musicians and sound engineers.

With this program you can write, edit, listen and print music notations of varying complexity. You can enter notes using the mouse or use a special MIDI controller (MIDI keyboard).

This program is for composers, teachers, arrangers and musicians, which also has the ability to synchronize with music sequencers and DAW using the ReWire protocol. Each score is created with the help of the original master, where the description is first written,

we add the number of required musical instruments (or as the instruments are called), tonality, and everything can start to type notes. If something is forgotten or mistaken, do not worry then everything can be edited and corrected.

You can enter notes using the keyboard, like the usual WYSIWYG editor, just have to first remember what letter corresponds to (everything can be customized for yourself), MIDI keyboard (instrument) connected to the computer or placing with the mouse, select the desired notes from the block of icons from the top. Enable input by pressing “N”. All the left side was given to the purchase of specific signs in music, they can only be selected and placed on the score with the mouse. Each note or symbol can be edited by setting the desired properties of a note or chord, it is called via the context menu with the right mouse button.

During the set, you can turn on the scoring of each note that you put on the music set or listen completely, which is typed, using the built-in sampler to which you can still apply effects by calling up the synthesizer window and turning the knobs. Supports work with the main popular formats of music files, save as sound files, allowing you to listen to music through regular players and as a graphic image.

Key features:

  • recognition of the scanned notation text;
  • output quality;
  • convenience of using the program;
  • the range of operations performed automatically;
  • the number of exact settings available to the user;
  • import from other programs;
  • Integration with other kinds of music software (for example, when creating an integrated workplace for a musicologist);
  • work with electronic music libraries.
Forte Notation FORTE 9 + Rus

Changes in version:

  • FORTE 9.2 features the following improvements over the previous update 9.1.1:
    • Enable the DEL key when using keyboard input mode.
    • Improve usability of Playback controls
    • Show the title in the continous view at the beginning.
    • Reset zoom settings when opening a new file.
    • Improve usability of tempo settings.
    • Create new measure automatically when the song is reached.
    • Replace the Font “Midisoft Classic” with “ForteClassic”
  • In addition, the following errors were fixed:
    • Crash when text encoding is used ind MusicXML file.
    • Error message about missing “Elevate.exe” on first startup.
    • Time signature change.
    • The musical key is not always identified during MIDI import.
    • Note names for chords are overlaid instead of stacked.
    • Slur of grace notes is not confirmed.
    • Ledger Lines are too faint.
    • Repeat brackets.
    • Bracket properties do not work for piano system.
    • Split (break) barline for Piano does not work.
    • Number “1” is not displayed in first measure.
    • Various layout problems with title texts.
    • Forte Mobile (.fnfm) files are not visible in FORTE open file dialog.
    • Large MIDI file leads to a crash
    • XML import – Layout Problems and crashes
    • Run in admin mode if started for the first time.
    • Automatic update check does not work on startup.

OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

You can download Forte Notation FORTE from the link below…

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