FXhome Photokey Pro Multilingual !{Latest}

FXhome Photokey Pro Multilingual !{Latest}

FXhome Photokey 8 Pro is a popular compositing program and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to detach an object in one photo and create a realistic fusion with another, with glossing, adding advanced effects, and creating background lighting. The assembly takes place automatically – just select your photos and let PhotoKey do the rest!

Key features:
• Processing Hot Folder – batch processing can now be fully automated! You can process hundreds or thousands of images without the need to manually manage the application.
• You can add multiple layers of the image above or below the layer with a green background. This is ideal for adding props to your composition.
• Advanced filters for improved compositing in cases where the green screen settings are imperfect;
• Selective new filters and effects will give a new look to your images. Defocus for a more realistic blur, while Bleach Bypass and the Three-Strip Process simulate film.
• Fully customizable canvas to suit your requirements.
• EXIF ​​compatible data
• Improved text binding.
• Some filters and effects are recompiled to make PhotoKey even easier to use.
• Keing, which helps to cope even with transparent objects
• Quality of spill suppression, the possibility of correcting shades of keying backgrounds,
• Spill modeling function with the possibility of replacing the shade with a more realistic one.
• Ability to send images by email or on Facebook and Flickr directly from the application.
• Improved user interface. The new main screen provides instant access to training videos, updates and latest news.
• Significantly improved performance. Some filters began to work four times faster than in previous versions.
• PhotoKey includes high quality free images so you can get started right away.
• Bidirectional blur effect is ideal for hiding defects and ensuring the smoothness of the skin surface, or for creating animated effects, giving a visual shading style.
• A color adaptation technology that makes it easy to process an uneven green screen and give excellent results even when working with fine details, for example: hair
• Export to several backgrounds. Each photo can be exported in several background variations, which gives a wider choice.
• Color management to ensure a uniform appearance throughout the entire workflow using the PhotoKey color management system, which supports embedded ICC color profiles and files.
• The Vibrance filter, which increases local contrast, saturation and sharpness, adds richness to colors.
• Halftone filter will create stylish monochrome and color halftone effects.
• Universal filter Leave color will create dynamic color splashes or hide certain colors.

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – 64bit.

You can download FXhome Photokey Pro from the link below…

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