Genp 2.7 AdobeCC 2019-2022

As the name implies this gives you access to AdobeCC applications.
Please follow steps below in order to have success and always TEST before in a VM if you’re depending on using this for work or income.
This post is for educational purposes only and please buy the products if you use them.

Windows 10 1903 and up. CC2021 some apps like PS will not run on any version of Windows below 1903.

This is NOT a silver bullet! Adobe frequently updates their apps, but so far this is working on CC2021.

Crack target per program as follows:​


Product Target File File Path
AE AfterFXLib.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe After Effects CC 2019, 2020\Support Files\AfterFXLib.dll
An Animate.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Animate CC 2019, 2020\Animate.exe
Au AuUI.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Audition CC 2019, 2020\AuUI.dll
Br Bridge.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Bridge CC 2019, 2020\Bridge.exe
Ch Character Animator.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Character Animator CC 2019, 2020\Support Files\Character Animator.exe
Dw Dreamweaver.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019, 2020\Dreamweaver.exe
Ai Illustrator.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, 2020\Support Files\Contents\Windows\Illustrator.exe
Ic Public.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe InCopy CC 2019, 2020\Public.dll
Id Public.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe InDesign CC 2019, 2020\Public.dll
Lr lightroomcc.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Lightroom CC\lightroomcc.exe
Lr C Lightroom.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC\Lightroom.exe
AEM Adobe Media Encoder.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019, 2020\Adobe Media Encoder.exe
Ps Photoshop.exe X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, 2020\Photoshop.exe
Pl Registration.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Prelude CC 2019, 2020\Registration.dll
Pr Registration.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, 2020\Registration.dll
Ru Registration.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Premiere Rush CC\Registration.dll
DC Acrobat.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Acrobat DC\Acrobat\Acrobat.dll
Dn amtlib.dll There’s no way to crack it now
Xd ? ?
Mu amtlib.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe Muse CC 2018 (There’s no way to crack it now, but you can use the cracked file for Adobe CC 2018 to replace it)
Fb amtlib.dll There’s no way to crack it now
Sg amtlib.dll X:\Adobe Creative Cloud\Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015\amtlib.dll (There’s no way to crack it now, but you can use the cracked file for Adobe CC 2018 to replace it)

Steps to get it working as follows:Autopath should work, test first before applying if you are updating / otherwise follow below.

1:  Install creative cloud.

2:  Quit creative cloud.

3:  Kill ALL running Adobe process' in task manager.

4:  Exempt Genp in virus settings.

5:  Run Genp. and patch Creative Cloud.

6:  Navigate into  / program files x86 / Common files / adobe /  and DELETE AdobeGCClient Folder

7:  Empty trash.

8:  Launch Adobe creative cloud install needed applications and let fully install.

9:  Go back to genp and patch selected installed programs MANUALLY not in automatic mode.  You will have to navigate to the install location and patch the selected file.

10:  Launch said applications, done.

Optional but recommended:

Navigate into Creative Cloud Preferences.
Disable automatic updates to Adobe Creative Cloud & Apps!
Disable everything else in Creative Cloud too like syncing, fonts, launch at startup etc..


You can download Genp AdobeCC from the link below…

 Download Links

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