Ghost windows 7-8-10 (X86 & X64) Tommy_Phan {G-Drive Link} !{Latest}

Ghost windows 7-8-10 (X86 & X64) Tommy_Phan {G-Drive Link}!{Latest}

Dear all of you near and far, Tommy_phan has not sent you any ghosts since the VS12, due to too many things that make me think, plunge into it and swirl into the whirlpool When it is not good, when making money, people want more than what they want.

That is no exception to me, but sometimes you guys, but who have been using their ghosts.

Message “star this is not a new version” then there is something called happy , remember the day that you up the first ghost to the VS12 ghost … the song91 contributed your opinion but supporters Tommy_Phan make their product more and better.

But now I do too often do not participate in many online community, and found themselves in the ghoster more and more of your ghost is also great so do not dare to bon plug, now I begged to face some ghosts.

This is the ghost I made for my personal use, due to not compressed and tweaked what or how to reduce the ghost is quite high capacity.

The ghost is suitable for corporate offices, individual customers, because the original ghost is not adjusted milk or do anything interfering with the win so stability should say is absolute.

Because the ghosts themselves are not colorful and also do not have anything so I do not shoot the post for you because too many.
And this may also be the last ghost I share with everyone because it will not work anymore.
once again happy everyone is happy.

You can download Ghost windows 7-8-10 from the link below…

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