Ghost Windows 7 Lite Autumn [x86-x64] Fast, Smooth, Lightweight by Leha_IT {MBR}

Win7 x64 Autumn Lite Leha_IT

: if:

  • Made from the installation of windows 7 lite by ivankehayov I have tested this installer very well on the intended use.
  • It is a ghost setup so I do not install and integrate any software. You use the AIO  This  will have the necessary software.
  • Use the icon set & theme of trinhbaphap
  • During the installation process windows will automatically activate
  • The applications and tools you put in the folder C: Extra details in the image below!
  • Changed windows information but did not personalize any part of windows.
  • Because it is lite should not be enough drivers so you should prepare the driver offline or the software installed drivers online

: sh:


You can download Ghost Windows 7 from the link below…

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