Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Luxury Edition X64 & X86


Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Luxury Edition X64 & X86

I shared with everyone the latest Windows 7 Luxury that I did. Power from Windows 7 Ultimate, IE11 Integration, Updates, Hotfixes. The interface is completely changed, from installation to within Windows.

Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Luxury Edition X64 By Khatmau_sr - 2017

 Windows 7 Luxury also includes many mod themes by trinbaphap for you to choose the change. Windows will automatically @ctive and automatically install the bootscreen on the first boot.

Some tools, transparent gadgets are already available in the Extra folder in drive C, you need to be able to use offline! 2017 updated version supports additional drivers installed on the computer that has the main, newer chip (Skylake, Kabylake …) and other small 1 fix things.

Windows 7 Luxury by Khatmau_sr

You can install it from HDD, USB & DVD. Use the Autounattend.xml file in the iso file for quickest and best installation!

Run the Full glass.exe tool (in the C: \ Extra \ Tools folder) first if you want to use the Full glass theme.

Windows does not have drivers and softwares installed, you need to store your drivers before installation.

Link download the interface for Luxury you want to change the interface without ghost or reinstall:

You can download Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Luxury Edition from the link below…

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    Windows Extect B nahin ho rahi keh Raha Hai Error De Raha hai

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