Golden Software Grapher Multilingual !{Latest}

Golden Software Grapher Multilingual !{Latest}

Golden Software Grapher is a powerful yet easy-to-use graphics package that allows you to quickly create high-quality graphics. Grapher allows you to build more than 54 types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs. In addition, you can customize any part of the graph or create your own graphs that best describe your data.

The program contains 4 types of two-dimensional graphs: linear, columnar, polar and special. All these types of graphs are available in three-dimensional execution. If you need to reflect an additional variable, you can use 3D XYZ plots, contour maps or surface maps.

The main features of Grapher:
• 54 unique types of graphs.
• Create line charts, slide bars, common scattering points, bar charts and histograms.
• Creating contour maps using data files or Surfer grid files, as well as the fill option.
• Overlay contour maps on surface maps or other types of graphs.
• Changing the contour lines, coloring the map in parts with different colors.
• Set multiple confidence intervals for line graphs and scatter diagrams.
• Multicolored bar and column charts.
• Simultaneous editing of multiple objects.
• Dynamic headers and footers.
• Gradient fill for all objects.
• Add shadow to the legend.
• Break long axis signatures.
• Exclude data from specific rows or columns of a table.
• Create your own graphs, giving them a finished look with the help of borders and background.
• Change settings and properties of graphs and much more.

Additional features:
• full Unicode support;
• support for 64-bit systems;
• maximum data compatibility;
• move any labels;
• cutting of parts of histograms;
• fitting curvature;
• work with date and time values;
• combining objects for editing.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 (32/64-bit).

You can download Golden Software Grapher from the link below…

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