Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 22.0.3 Final for Android [Premium]

GPS Navigation v19.2.4 [Premium]Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps v21.0.10-1937 Final for Android [Premium]

Do you keep waiting long for GPS location when you open your favorite app like say Maps?

For faster updates the device GPS engine needs to be updated with latest satellite data. If the engine is run regularly then faster location will be available when you open your apps.

This app keeps your GPS engine alive and ticking in either a low power or high power mode using convenient status bar controls.

Additionally you can get a good idea of satellite coverage. Other convenience methods like app auto launch and fix tones are also available.

· Keep GPS Alive in High or Low Power Modes using Status Bar Control
· Vibrate on Fix
· Stop on fix
· Tones on Fix and Fix Lost
· Launch your favorite app on Fix
· GPS Test for checking stats like GPS signal strength, Speed, Course, Altitude, Accuracy, Almanac, Ephimeris
· Magnetic compass integration for heading

Technical Note: It takes at least 3 to 4 satellites before you can receive location fix. Almanac(Imprecise) and Ephemeris(Precise) are satellite data cached in the GPS engine. The almanac data validity is in months.

The ephemeris data gets invalidated in a few hours. If you get more satellites with valid ephemeris then you will quickly get location fixes with good accuracy.

· UI Mods and bug fixes
· Library updates


You can download Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps from the link below…

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