Hacker # 4 (265) April 2021 With Crack Latest

Hacker # 4 (265) April 2021 With Crack Latest

The cult magazine for those who are passionate about modern technology. For those who want to develop in the field of IT or just to be aware of the main news in the field of Hi-Tech.

In each issue: detailed How-To, practical materials on development and administration, interviews with outstanding people who have created technology products and well-known IT-companies, and, of course, expert articles on information security.

The magazine very openly describes existing problems and tells how intruders can use them. At the same time, the ease of presentation of even incredibly complex topics is preserved.

The publication has no analogues either in Russia or in the world.

Quality: original
Pages: 34
Format: True PDF (e-book)

Download : Turbo.cc | Katfile.com | Oxy.name | Hitf.cc

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