HDRsoft Photomatix Pro Multilingual !{Latest}

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro Multilingual !{Latest}

HDRsoft Photomatix – a program for expanding the dynamic range of photography. Photomatix Pro combines any number of different frames in a scene with high contrast in one image with details and all the shadows.

The program allows users to mix frames and restore local parts from High Dynamic Range images created from multiple exposure. In addition to Tone Mapping, Photomatix Pro offers 6 methods of mixing frames, support for 16 bits and batch processing.

 Photomatix offers two methods for solving the problem of losing parts in dark and light areas: Exposure Blending when several photographs with different exposures are combined into one with an increased dynamic range and Tone Mapping, while the details in highlights and shadows are restored by creating HDR image, which is processed to prepare for printing or viewing.

Main features:
• Create HDR photos from several frames taken with different exposures.
• Two methods of automatic exposure compensation.
• Remove artifacts – “ghosts” from the entire image or in the selected area of ​​the image using the Selective deghosting tool.
• Presets panel for displaying possible options with preview. The panel will be set automatically horizontally or vertically depending on the image size.
• Create a pseudo-HDR from a single RAW file.
• Two methods of tonal compression: Details Enhancer (“Part Enhancer”) and Tone Compressor (“Tone Compressor”).
• Preview the results of compression when selecting parameters.
• Exposure Blending.
• 4 algorithms for connecting exposures.
• Batch image processing: automatic loading, processing and saving of photos from the specified directory.
• The algorithm is optimized to economically consume RAM when working with large TIFF files.

OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 

You can download HDRsoft Photomatix Pro from the link below…

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