iExplorer Windows Multilingual !{Latest}

iExplorer Windows Multilingual !{Latest}

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iExplorer is the ultimate iPhone manager. It transfers music, messages, photos, files and everything else from any iPhone, iPod, iPad or iTunes to any Mac or PC.
 It is lightweight, fast to install and up to 70 times faster and more efficient than competitors.
Intelligent music transfer in iTunes
iExplorer allows you to easily transfer music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to your Mac or PC in iTunes.
 You can search and view specific songs, and then copy them to iTunes at the touch of a button or with drag-and-drop.
Want to transfer more than just a few tracks? With one click iExplorer allows you to instantly rebuild all playlists or use the automatic transfer function and copy everything from your device to iTunes.
iExplorer {Latest}-{ArmaanPC}
Export text messages to iPhone
This tool will help you view, export and archive your messages and attachments.
The iExplorer SMS client looks great and even works with group messages, images and other message attachments!Connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Mac Finder or Windows Explorer
iExplorer allows you to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a USB drive.
You can view photos of your iPhone directly in Finder or in Windows Explorer, as with any other digital camera.
You can also access the file system for data contained in applications or other directories of your device.
Export of voice messages, contacts, calendar events, reminders, notes and much more …
We created seven great utilities in iExplorer, which allow you to view, save and export the most important information in the databases of your iPhone or iPad.
View your appointments, calendar events and call history. Listen to your voicemail messages on your iPhone and export them to a folder on your computer.
Everything is just a few clicks away.Accessing photos, files and everything else
With iExplorer, you can access more files and folders without changing (jailbreaking) your device than ever before.
Need to access the photos on your iPhone or iPod? You can do. Do you want to access your device’s files and folders? It’s done.
How about viewing iTunes backups? Check.
What about the media folders that contain your purchases in iTunes? We have this too.
How about files in applications that sync with iCloud? Yes, even that. (iCloud access is for Mac only.)
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

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