Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio + Crack

Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio – a visual package for quick and high-quality creation of autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications and other software. The program will create all necessary files for autorun and its graphical environment. The user can only write down the finished project on the information medium. Even without programming experience, you can create your own software – comparable in properties and efficiency with software created by specialists using C ++ / Java. AutoPlay Media Studio is a basic application development platform, offering a wide range of options and support for most popular technologies. The program has an intuitive interface and is easy to learn.

Key features:
• The program includes ready-made templates for creating menus with a variety of buttons for launching programs, playing sounds, printing files, opening Internet sites.
• You can also easily design your project with any content of your choice – music, video, flash-animation, text.
• Projects created with the help of AutoPlay Media Studio, in no way inferior to professional products developed in C ++ / Java.
• The application created with AutoPlay Media Studio will be presented in the final stage as an object model. This model consists of a group of separate pages, like the way it is implemented on Internet sites. On these pages, you can place any objects (graphics, text, video, Flash, HTML, etc.).
• You can assign an action to any project element, be it an object or a page. The program provides hundreds of different actions that can be associated with objects.
• You can also extend the capabilities of AutoPlay Media Studio with additional plug-ins. With their help, you can automate some of the tasks that you perform in the program most often. For example, you can quickly create animated menus, a directory tree, a database, and manage them.
• Ability to create autorun windows of arbitrary shape using masks of transparency. As such a mask can act as graphic files in the formats .jpg, .bmp, .png.
• Ability to write CD-R (CD-RW) directly from the program. The finished project can be presented as a self-extracting archive or saved as a separate folder on the hard disk.
• Built-in spell checker. This option works with the Label, Paragraph, and Button objects. The full version of the program contains a large number of plug-in dictionaries with which AutoPlay Media Studio does a spelling check while typing.
• The user AutoPlay Media Studio additionally gets access to the video presentation, professional content elements, online forum, round-the-clock technical support and many other services.


You can download Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio from the link below…

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  1. Simon says:

    I swapped out the cracked file in the install directory. But when I try to build an application I still receive a message saying it’s an evaluation version and the app will stop working after 4 days.

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