Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Multilingual !{Latest}

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Multilingual !{Latest}

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, or as it is customary to write its name abbreviated XTU, is quite a functional program that was created by Intel to increase the clock frequency of their processor, plus it can be used as monitoring for iron parameters, and if you want you can intensive system load.

Suitable for both professionals and beginners, but the question of how to use the program still excites the minds of many users.

After launching in the main window, you will have access to both general settings and settings for new company motherboards, they will not be active for everyone, especially with our course, I think very few people can indulge in this, in any case the needs of any user are taken into account .

So, if you need to change the core frequency of the processor or the graphics processor, to see and change the parameters related to the voltage of the core and the graphics processor, you need to know the timing of RAM, all this is available to you here.

It should be noted that all changes can be made without restarting the computer. If you want to test your hardware for durability, memory, video card, processor, you can run stress tests, think twice!

There is an information tab in the menu, clicking on which you can find out a lot of useful information about the motherboard, BIOS, processor and other components.

After you finish setting up all the parameters, you can save the result in a profile, let’s say a game, now when you decide to play, you won’t need to change everything, run the profile and go ahead, you can create them as much as you like.

I have long thought to add a program to the site and that’s my hands, I hope you’ll come in handy, just don’t ruin your processor!

Developer : Intel
License : FreeWare
Language : English – Russian version is not available
Size : 27 MB
OS : Windows 7 and higher

You can download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility from the link below…

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