The KMPlayer Multilingual !{Latest}

The KMPlayer Multilingual  !{Latest}

KMPlayer is a universal player that can play almost any media file format, such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and others. Also, the program understands the titles on DVD discs and is able to record audio, video or pictures from any part of the played fragment.

The player can work with internal and external filters and plug-ins, which will allow you to control the audio-video parameters of the files being played. KMPlayer includes almost all the basic codecs for playback of information.

KMPlayer main features:
Playlist is saved every time the media player is turned off and on.
The program can automatically adjust the volume when playing “silent” files
One of the most important features of KMPlayer is the playback of defective and not fully loaded files.
The function of saving the point of the played file allows you to return to watching the video from the fragment where the playback ended the previous time.

Record the reproduced sound.
Start the visual accompaniment of audio files.
Activate audio processing. This function allows you to exclude the lull between the tracks being played, smoothly switching them to
View video files in 3D format.

Details about the assembly The

installer defines one of the three main video adapters, and displays the desired Hardware Decoder profile:
Intel HD Graphics – QuickSync
Nvidia – Nvidia CUVID
AMD Radeon – DXVA2 (copy-back)
In the case when the profile is determined to play video incorrectly, I recommend setting the none profile in the LAV video decoder settings.
All profiles in Windows XP except Nvidia will be set to None. Also when installing, the player will be optimized for system performance.

Tips for configuring the NVIDIA driver for the best video quality -We go to the NVIDIA control panel -While adjusting the color settings for the video -Connect the player’s settings mode to the settings with NVIDIA -You can adjust the contrast and color in the color tab (not recommended)

-On the tab, select in the place a limited (16-255) full (0-255), in the same tab put the checkmark in front of the dynamic contrast enhancement and color enhancement-
Again in the left column of the control panel click the adjust the parameters image for video-

Version of the assembly 1 (based on the player version
-Pachem disabled advertising and auto update
-Auto setting profile “Hardware Accelerated” in the LAV video decoder.
-Auto setup of the “Output Speaker Configuration” profile in the LAV audio decoder. (Only for sound cards from Creative)
-Including SmoothVideo Project (SVP) through the KMP menu
-Optimal player settings-
Added 57 skin (s) for the player
-Full translation into Russian-
Option for importing the Settings.reg file if it is in one folder with the installer –
Option to copy the contents of the folder Skins located in one folder with the installer in the folder Skins located in the player directory
No need to install additional codecs.

Changes in the new assembly:
-Player is updated to version
-Many improved way to determine video cards.
– Several settings have been changed for Intel graphics processors.
-Changed the process of associating video files during installation.
-Modified MediaInfo module up to version

Year of release: 2018
Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / 7 & 8/10 32-54 bit
License : FreeWare 
Language : Multi + Russian 
OS : Windows

The KMPlayer Multilingual 2020 !{Latest}

You can download The KMPlayer from the link below…

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