MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Multilingual !{Latest}

MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Multilingual !{Latest}

Software Sound Forge Audio Studio is a simplified version of Sound Forge audio editing with support for recording CD-ROM drive. The Sound Forge Audio Studio application contains all the necessary tools for editing high-quality music tracks on your home PC.

Sound Forge Audio Studio users can record musical instruments and vocals, edit and restore sound, apply studio-quality effects and convert files to various formats (MP3, WMA and others) with lightning speed.

The Vocal Eraser component allows you to remove a voice part from the tracks and thus receive records for karaoke.

The CD burning feature is fully integrated into Sound Forge Audio Studio for the simple creation of professional CDs.

In addition, ready-made music tracks can be exported to MP3 players, including PSP, iPhone, iPod, or uploaded to Internet sites.

Key Features of Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio:

Capture Live Audio
To record a live sound, a user simply needs to plug in a musical instrument or microphone to a PC sound card and press the record button.

Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to record musical instruments, vocals and more. Implemented the ability to import audio tracks from CDs and MP3-players.

The Vinyl Recording and Restoration component records and restores music from vinyl records and audio cassettes.

Editing audio tracks
To get started, drag and drop the required file into the working field of Sound Forge Audio Studio. Users can adjust the sound level, trim unwanted parts, synchronize audio and video.

If you want to share with ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio allows you to create your own loops and samples.

Creating Karaoke Tracks
Sound Forge Audio Studio contains the Vocal Eraser software module, which allows you to remove vocals from a musical recording or extract a voice part to create remixes.

Extended video support
The program is able to synchronize the audio track with the video. Supports importing video in common formats, including Windows Media, QuickTime, etc.

Imposing effects on audio
Users can create audio tracks using more than 30 built-in effects (equalizer, delay, chorus, distortion, effects module 1001 Sound Effects).

Support for DirectX and VST increases the ease of application development and expands the number of effects that can be applied.

Assistance to users in studying the program
Textbooks Show Me How are designed to accompany the user at any stage of the creative process. Whenever you need help, you need to click the Show Me How button and select the manual for the relevant topic.

Record, export and download
The program offers support for the function of recording CDs with high-quality sound. Various recording methods are available – Track-at-Once (tracks are recorded sequentially, separated by a pause) or Disc-At-Once (flexible control of the intervals between tracks).

Audio recordings can be converted to MP3, WMA and others. In addition, you can create podcasts, export audio to MP3 players (PSP, iPod, iPhone, etc.) or download tracks to the Internet.

OS: Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10

You can download MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio from the link below…

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