MOTU Digital Performer With Crack Latest

MOTU Digital Performer With Crack Latest

MOTU is releasing a new version 11 of their Digital Performer sequencer. This is a major update to the popular DAW, including support for Big Sur and Apple’s own processors (no Rosetta 2 required), as well as full MPE compatibility, updated sampler, GUI improvements, and more

What’s New in MOTU Digital Performer 11
• Nanosampler 2.0
significant update to the DP virtual instrument plug-in adds time stretching, beat slicing, and redesign of the user interface from scratch.
• Articulation Maps
allow you to dynamically apply variations to the output of a MIDI track using remote triggers that affect the track’s output.
• Retrospective record audio
always listens as MIDI, and audio input sources, capturing all, even if the account is disabled, pressing the recording double continue
• Launch clips using Novation TM and Akai TM
for live performances run from the controller sounds of pads, such as NovationTM LaunchpadTM Pro mk3 or AkaiTM APC-40
• Live performance
processing of all effects is performed in real time for instant response
• Track folders and playlists
allows you to organize your tracks (chunks) into folders and playlists
• Splitting the track list
simplifies management
• Multi-channel MIDI tracks
can be recorded and played back multiple channels MIDI data on one track, for example, write all 16 MIDI channels to a track at once
• Improved viewing filtering
hiding data of individual MIDI channels using the new “Channel Selector” section in the track selector
• Supports MPE and Per-Note CC
MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) allows you to record multi-channel output from an MPE controller such as the RoliTM SeaboardTM as regular MIDI notes containing MPE expression data
• Virtual synthesizers supporting MPE
Bassline, Modulo, MX4, Nanosampler 2.0, Polysynth and Proton
• Expression data tracks
View and edit MPE expression data for each note with familiar and powerful editing tools
• New scaling tool
quickly drag and drop expression data for each note
• New Control Surface plug-ins for Native InstrumentsTM and IconTM
include new plug-ins for the current Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol line, including the M32, A-Series and S-Series MK2 controller lines, as well as the new iCON Control, such as the QConTM Pro G2 / EX, Pro X / XS, Platform Nano and Platform series M / X
• Enhanced support for AvidTM EuConTM
support for Avid S6TM on Windows 10
• Enhanced support for MCU and HUI-compatible controllers
New plug-in called “MCU Compatible” improves support for third-party controllers that are compatible with Mackie Control Universal
• Other
V-Racks improvements are shown for all controllers, new modes of docking tracks (“Snap to mixer”, “Snap to focus window” and “All tracks”) significantly improve display
• Effects of tracks and clips
each audio track, MIDI track and clip now has a basic transposition setting
• Smart choice of audio interface
if the system has a MOTU interface or another professional interface, DP uses it
• Improvements in working with clip windows
Empty Clips Scene command creates a new scene and fills it with new empty clips
• List font scaling
allows text size in DP list boxes to be resized independently of scaling the rest of the UI
• Text rendering and dialog scaling in Windows
in Windows 10 DP text looks much sharper, numerous advanced text alignment settings improve the appearance of DP in Windows. configuring DPI recognition in Windows 10
• Dynamically resizing channel strips
DP faders are resized when you make the mixing bar windows and channel strips higher or lower
• Support for macOS Big Sur and Apple processors
fully meets the requirements for macOS Big Sur (11.x) and latest Apple Mac processors. DP sound engine fully optimized for multi-core performance on Apple chips, prioritizing audio streams on high-speed cores and reserving CPU bandwidth for critical and time-sensitive processing
• Transpose Exclude option
new column in track list to exclude tracks from transpose range command

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