muvee Reveal Encore 13 Multilingual!{Latest}

muvee Reveal Encore 13 Multilingual !{Latest}

Muvee Reveal is designed to create and edit video. Muvee Reveal has a wide functionality, typical for professional video editors and allows you to add special effects, transitions, titles, animated text, etc. to the video.

All the operations for creating video are extremely simplified – the user only needs to specify the program pictures, the original videos and choose one of the built-in styles for the design of the future film.

In addition, the application allows you to provide video with your own voice comments, import images and videos from cameras (including HD), save finished movies to most popular video formats (AVCHD, AVI, DV-AVI, H.264, MOV, MOV -HD, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, WMV-HD), record videos on DVD or publish them on Facebook and YouTube.

Main features:
• Recommended music. Each style is presented along with recommended free music.
• Inscriptions. You can insert any place of a video clip for captions. It is used for more efficient presentation of the history.
• Improved sketch indicators. The media panel is enhanced to display changes made with magicSpot, magicMoments, and subtitles on it.
• Highlights of the sound. You can turn the sound on and off at certain points in the video clip.
• Upload to YouTube (standard definition or high definition). You can save the movie to muvee, and then easily download it to the YouTube website.
• Upload to Facebook (in standard definition or high definition). You can save the movie to muvee, and then easily download it to the Facebook website.
• Processing of the music track. You can adjust the desired duration of the music track or delete part of it
• Logo. You can impose an image that will act as a logo in the movie muvee
• Accelerated process of saving NVIDIA CUDA. Saving to H.264 is now much faster with NVIDIA CUDA equipment
• Combine with the forum. Tips for using for different styles can be found on the muveeManiacs forum.
• Full-screen preview of video with DVD quality. You can play the movie muvee in full-screen preview mode, which provides the resolution and quality of the DVD.
• High definition function (HD, only available in the full version). The muvee Reveal program supports the playback and recording of high definition video. This allows you to record high-quality movies on Blu-ray discs and view high-definition video on your computer or upload a movie on YouTube and Facebook with high-definition quality.
• Wide screen. The muvee Reveal program supports the playback of video clips and images in the usual 4: 3 format and widescreen (16: 9) format. This allows you to create your own widescreen muvee movies and burn them to DVDs.
• Save to web album. The transfer of video files by e-mail is difficult due to the large size of the transferred files. Placing video on the Internet is also quite a challenge, in addition, it makes them available to the world.

The muvee Reveal program is integrated with the muvee Cloud Web site, which provides quick and confidential sharing of your muvees movies. You can save the movie muvee in the muvee Cloud service. The program will automatically download the movie to a free and protected web album.

You can send invitations to watch the movie muvee to other users. No user can view the movie without the invitation.
• Manage subtitles. Make photos and video clips even more interesting by adding animated captions.
• Splitting video into clips. You can split large video files into small clips that are easy to process. You can specify the boundaries of the video clip yourself or use the program muvee Reveal, which will automatically split the video into clips.
• Customizable DVD themes. When you burn a DVD, muvee Reveal lets you customize the background image and fonts for the DVD menu.
• Save media files to your device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad, Android. The muvee Reveal program allows you to save muvee movies in the format of the iTunes utility for later synchronization with iPhone / iPod / iPad devices. In addition, muvee Reveal allows you to save muvee movies in a format compatible with Android devices
• Advice. In the process of creating muvee movies, the muvee Reveal program displays simple tips to help you choose the optimal match between the length of the recording and the number of images.

• Convenient panel of media files. You can control the plot of the movie, changing the order of images and video fragments in the panel of media files. The muvee Reveal program follows the specified order (a more convenient way than dragging images and video fragments during playback). During playback of the muvee movie, the media panel displays the playback images and movies that are automatically highlighted by the muvee Reveal program.

Cinematic credits (Begin your film in a big way)
Professionals have created for us a set of subtitles in the style of trailers, supplemented by their own short musical tracks. You have the opportunity to choose 4 photos that will be included in the credits, add to them the names of the director, actors and producer.

We also automatically create a poster for each of your muvee projects. Go ahead, become a star or director. Or even better. Be both, and others.

Make up your own styles (And save them as your own!)
Use as a base Style that you like. Add personality: from setting a faster tempo to selecting a color filter and even changing the font and background colors by default.

After you finish remaking the style to your liking, save your unique recipe and give it a new name. Voilà! You have created your own style!

Graffiti (Decorate your photos and save them!)
The function is in the context menu of photo options (right click on any photo). You can add a sticker to the photo. Choose from many categories of stickers, frames and passepartout, from hand-painted jewelry to sparks, fireworks and cute stickers for children.

Then you can save a new photo with these Facebook favors before using it in your muvee slideshow.

Work and edit anywhere! (Archive your projects and continue editing on another device.)
Have you started a project in school or office and want to continue editing from your home computer? Create a joint video from the trip? Now you can archive all photos, videos and music content along with settings, captions, subtitles and any possible elements of setting up your projects in one file and continue working from the moment you left on another device.

Photo frames from the video (Make a photo frame from any video.)
Now you can select and save the image directly from your video clip! Want to send a photo to the contest Professional photo of the day? Or just publish it on facebook? Import the video and take a snapshot of any frame in the video in an instant by clicking on the “Screen Image”.

Billboard projects (Ensure that your films are reviewed by the attention they deserve.)
Each saved Project will be automatically created and published with a poster detailing your movie. From the director to the actors, from the production time to the duration, your film will not pass unnoticed! You can also see the Trailer for each of your projects directly from the poster. That’s really the magic of cinema!

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

You can download muvee Reveal Encore from the link below…

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