Navitel Navigator Latest

Navitel Navigator Latest

Navitel Navigator is the best navigation application for smartphones and tablets based on Android.

You will be provided with a lot of different data for accurate and optimal performance of your route and not only wherever you are, even in the smallest cities and towns.

Key features:
• Navitel. Traffic jams. Information about traffic jams in real time across the entire territory of maps.
• Navitel.Friends / Cloud. Messaging, monitoring the location of friends and laying a route to meet with them. To login to the Navitel.Friends / Cloud service, you can use your profile in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte).
• Navitel. Weather. Information about the weather anywhere in the world for three days ahead.
• Dynamic POI. Fuel prices, movie showtimes and other useful information.
• Navitel. Events. Accidents, roadworks, speed cameras and other incidents marked on the map by users of the program.
• Navitel.SMS. Messaging with friends without interrupting navigation.
• Shopping from the program menu. Buying new packages of maps and updating already purchased from the menu My Navitel.
• SpeedCam Warnings. Information about the radar, video cameras and speed bumps.
• 3D Cartography. Three-dimensional maps with support for textures and height of buildings.
• 3D interchanges. Display of multi-level road junctions in 3D mode.
• polosnost roads. Calculation of the route, taking into account multi-lane traffic and visual clues while driving along the route.
• Multilingual. Multi-language interface support and voice prompts.
• Voice prompts for the route, notifications about the battery level and connection with satellites.
• On-board computer. More than 100 different sensors: time, speed, weather conditions and other parameters.
• Fast routing. Instant calculation and building a route of any length and complexity.
• Unlimited points when plotting a route. Convenient route planning with unlimited number of points of destination.
• Customizable interface.
• Support multitouch.

Version Description:
• Full – version for all screen resolutions
• Normal (smartphones) – version for WQVGA400, HVGA, WVGA
• Large (tablets) – version for WVGA800
• xLarge – version for WXGA and above
• Small – version for QVGA, VGA
• RePack is the version that should be used to install when there is a shortage of memory + skins xlarge, large, normal, small

Siberian Federal District:

  • Center of the Federal District – Novosibirsk
  • Altai Republic
  • The Republic of Buryatia
  • Tyva Republic
  • The Republic of Khakassia
  • Altai region
  • Transbaikal region
  • Krasnoyarsk region
  • Irkutsk region
  • Kemerovo region
  • Novosibirsk region
  • Omsk region
  • Tomsk region

Far Eastern Federal District:

  • Center of the Federal District – Khabarovsk
  • The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Kamchatka Krai
  • Primorsky Krai
  • Khabarovsk region
  • Amur region
  • Magadan Region
  • Sakhalin region
  • Jewish Autonomous Region
  • Chukotka Autonomous Region

Platform: WinCE 5, WinCE 6
Interface: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Turkish, German and other
Medicine: cured

Features versions:

  • Aggressive, any flash memory, settings are saved in the folder (Navi) with the program, without On-Line services. The key to all cards. The functionality is almost complete. A selection of other maps, skins there. Trucks, buses, taxis, delivery services, no lifeguards.

You can download Navitel Navigator from the link below…

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