NeoGeo Giga Power 5.2a full 192 Roms Mega Pack

NeoGeo Giga Power 5.2a full 192 Roms Mega Pack Nov - 2017

NeoGeo Giga Power 5.2a full 192 Roms Mega Pack

Electronic gaming cards (gaming machines) a gaming device that most people have ever played through appeared in the 8x time, there are at times these gaming devices are very popular, sometimes to play the right machine. My favorite game is waiting for a long time.
But surely the interesting games in those machines will forever remain in the hearts of gamers. To satisfy the enjoyment of fun games that once forgot to eat sleep because of it.

Among the only Neogeo arcade machines is the most famous and survives the longest without a hardware upgrade. Neogeo has succeeded because of the many series of fighting games (Samurai Shodown,

The King Of Fighters, etc.), along with puzzle games and shooting. Neogeo is attractive to many players, but because of the price is too expensive so its residence (almost) is always the entertainment of the
Game supermarket but it has long been playing is not boring with the number of games. Slightly more and play slightly, can be played like Dwarf Rambo, Samurai, Street of Fighter, etc. are waiting for you to explore

You can download NeoGeo Giga Power from the link below…

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