[NTH – 1 Click] Ghost Win 7 x64 No Soft Very Smooth & AIO Software Version Final 2.0 by Nathan Nguyen

[NTH – 1 Click] Ghost Win 7 x64 No Soft Very Smooth & AIO Software Version Final 2.0 by Nathan Nguyen

* Ghost Win 7 64Bit Information * Ghost version
is made from the original ISO Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 Bit file from Microsoft and does not remove any components to create the most stable.You Can Also Download Windows 7 {Happy New Year Edition} X86 Sp1 Super Lite Ghost+Software V3 2017 By CmTeamPk Size=983MB

You Can Also Download Windows 7 (X86 & X64) Ghost Office Edition+Software+Drivers 2019 {G-Drive Link}

* Only the latest AIO Software version final 2.0 is only available in this ghost, Acti new style standard, all software versions are the latest
* The ghost only comes with only Ofice 2013 Pro set including: Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher – Other software depending on the needs of each person.You Can Also Download Ghost Windows 7 32 Bit SP1 Super Lite Size 659-MB Multilingual 2018 !{Latest}

Some pictures of the AIO Final Version 2.0 & Map Windows after installing software from the AIO——

  • Ghost No Driver – No Acti available: you can use the Code or use the Acti tool included in the AIO kit
  • Stay intact IE 8 & Update some important and necessary updates for the operating system – If you want to use IE 11 please install in the AIO kit.

  • Max optimizes, tweaks for the ghost to achieve the fastest speed without losing stability

  • Super beautiful version 2.0 Fishing Screen
  • Adds necessary utilities to the right-click menu for users to access OS functions Fastest
    * Bonus : give you the software to create virtual machines VMware Workstation Pro 15.5 the latest version was his Silent and Acti full automatically

* Ghost file .TIB standard Lengacy – MBR: http://www.fshare.vn/file/WYSSC32TMDRF
* Ghost file .ISO standard UEFI – GPT & Lengacy – MBR: http://www.fshare.vn/file/SZ93DA1ZMXHD

* MD5 ghost .TIB: 78F96266A63CD5CF9D69E8EA05A4A4E9
* MD5 ghost .ISO: 2B74C819FD36BA6A39390E321B05F31D

* Want ghost file .TIB standard Lengacy – MBR on UEFI standard: Go to Win PE 64bit -> MBR hard drive partition cover Win according to standard MBR (remember to Set @ctivate Win drive) -> Bung ghost file .TIB with Acronis as usual -> Use AOMEI (in Win PE) cover MBR hard drive format to GPT -> Restart the computer is Oke

* Note: After extracting ghost file, please install Driver, Net Framwork, Visual C ++ first then restart the computer to install other softwares as well as use the tools included in the AIO to avoid the field.

case fault – Depending on the machine, the installation method that will have the first software installation will not succeed, please restart the computer and reinstall 100% will succeed !!!

You can download [NTH – 1 Click] Ghost Win 7 x64 No Soft Very Smooth & AIO Software from the link below…

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