Object2VR Studio / Unbranded

Object2VR Studio / Unbranded 
Object2VR – a program for creating interactive 360 ​​and 3D photos, with advanced features. Including, Object2VR supports saving in HTML5, Flash, QuickTime and other formats, allows you to edit the design and customize the player’s functionality, add hotspots, and process images.

Downloading files
Object2VR allows you to create single-row (rotation in one plane) or multi-row (rotation in several planes) 3D photo of the object; for this it is enough to drag the necessary frames into the working area of ​​the application.
Supported formats of incoming images: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and QuickTime VR.

Viewing an Object in Different Variations
Object2VR allows you to display an object in various variations or states (for example, in different colors). You can switch between 3D photos of the same object in different colors.

The hotspot editor allows you to add even more interactivity to a 3D photo of objects. By hotspot, you can open pop-ups, websites, and perform a variety of other actions. Hot spots can be added using the Polygon tool or as dots.

The editor of the player design The editor of the player
design allows you to create your own design of your 3D photo player. You can add your own buttons and graphics. Thus, you offer the client an individual solution that corresponds to the design of your client’s website.
You can also add animation and sound effects to help the user interact with the 3D photograph of the subject.

Allow users to magnify the image multiple times to view the details of the object. The 3D photo player, both HTML5 and Flash, creates several resolution levels in the 3D movie, allowing you to dynamically load the image of the desired quality.

Controlling the camera and swiveling platforms
Object2VR Studio can control the operation of the camera and rotary tables for 3D photography. Simply connect your camera and player via USB. Supports all turntables and platforms Photomechanics, all the most popular SLR cameras Canon and Nikon.

3D photo processing
Basic image processing is supported in Object2VR Pro and Object2VR Studio. You can crop, adjust levels, add sharpness and perform other simple operations at once with all the frames of the 3D movie.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

You can download Object2VR Studio from the link below…

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