Photo Collage (Creative Photo Editing Software) By AMS Software !{Latest}

Photo Collage (Creative Photo Editing Software) By AMS Software !{Latest}

PhotoCOLLAGE– A surprisingly convenient and easy-to-use program from AMS Software to create spectacular themed collages, colorful greeting cards, wedding invitations, posters, stylish wallpaper for your desktop and even design for a website from your photos.

A variety of available functions, a rich selection of ready-made design options and a clipboard, user-friendly interface will allow you to realize the most daring and incredible ideas, will open unlimited opportunities for your creative self-realization! With the help of a collection of thematic templates,

you can create an expressive collage in just a few minutes. The choice includes more than hundreds of original templates: wedding, children’s, New Year’s, vintage, abstract and many others. Experiment, apply the most incredible options and combinations, and you can arrange such collages of photos,

To create a collage that has become more effective and expressive, use original captions to photos and carefully select clipart. The headings and inscriptions can be quite diverse. It can be an ordinary signature to a photo or a whole poem.

In the PhotoCOLLAGE editor there is a convenient module for adding inscriptions, which allows you to select the font, style and direction of the text.

In addition, included a large set of jewelry for a collage of a variety of subjects: beauty, flowers, cars, romance, tourism, etc. To apply your favorite decoration simply drag it to the canvas with the mouse, select the optimal size and location.


PhotoCOLLAGE 7.0

Colorful collage – for a couple of clicks! 
A bright photo collage will help to revive the dim walls of an apartment or office, and also serve as an excellent gift for any holiday.

With the program “PhotoCollage” to prepare a colorful composition from your favorite pictures is not difficult! Using hundreds of stunning designs, you can easily and quickly create a real work of photo-art and give your loved ones a lot of happy emotions.

Hundreds of ready-made templates
For the most comfortable work in the editor provides more than a hundred ready-made templates for the design of photographs.

The program allows you to create creative collages for every taste: congratulatory, children’s, wedding, New Year’s, etc.

All the templates have a unique design that can be easily edited and perfected – it all depends on your imagination.

Beautiful frames and masks for a photo
Any composition will look much more elegant and accurate if it is decorated with various decorative elements.

The program “PhotoCollage” offers a large selection of spectacular frames and masks of classic and ultra-trendy design.

You can turn photos into old photographs, experiment with color solutions, creatively draw edges of images and much more.

Adding inscriptions and clipart
If you want to make a collage more expressive, decorate it with original signatures and a beautiful clipart. The editor is equipped with a convenient module for adding inscriptions, which allows you to select the font and style of the text.

Also, the utility supports a large number of thematic decorations – flowers, hearts, cars, etc. Choose your favorite picture and safely add to the future collage!

Quick collage printing
Ready collage can be printed on an inkjet or laser printer, and also saved as an image and printed on a professional photo salon.

A convenient module for printing the resulting images provides storage of finished layouts at resolutions of 96, 300 and 600 dpi. You can select the paper size and economical layout options for photos on a sheet.

Exporting to different formats
You can save the created collage as a project for further editing or add a song to the template collection to later use again.

In addition, the image can be saved in one of the leading graphic formats – from JPEG to GIF. Subsequently, you can send a collage to friends by email, print and hang on the wall or place on the Internet.

PhotoCOLLAGE 7.0

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

You can download Photo Collage from the link below…

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