PhotoDiva 1.25 Multilingual {Latest}

PhotoDiva 1.25


PhotoDiva 1.25 Multilingual {Latest} 

PhotoDiva is one of the best portrait retouching software. Suitable for novice photographers and those who want to quickly improve the pictures. Get rid of flare, remove any defects on the skin and people accidentally caught in the frame, change the unsuccessful background in photos, adjust facial features, add makeup – all this can be done in the program in a couple of seconds. Allows you to improve pictures in automatic mode. Effectively eliminate small and serious defects in the photo.

Key features of PhotoDiva:

  • Spectacular beauty retouching in a couple of clicks. You no longer have to hide from the camera due to a suddenly popping acne or a cold on your lips. In PhotoDiva, you can quickly retouch portraits:
    – remove acne, moles, marks from scars
    – adjust facial features in the photo
    – complete the image with beautiful makeup
  • Comprehensive portrait processing. PhotoDiva will get rid of wrinkles, glare and redness. The program will even out skin tone, add tan and emphasize cheekbones. In a couple of clicks, you can eliminate red eye and dark circles, change the color of the iris and make the look in the picture more expressive. Additionally, you can work on a smile. Make lips thinner or bulkier, change their color to any other and whiten your teeth. Creating the perfect portrait is now easy!
  • Convenient portrait retouching and more. PhotoDiva Editor automatically recognizes all parts of the face in the photo. This means that you don’t have to spend time tracing or painting areas that need to be changed. Just start moving the slider on the desired scale and watch the magical transformation on the screen. PhotoDiva also provides a convenient background replacement feature. You can carefully cut the object and move it to a new substrate. In this case, you do not have to carefully outline the figure along the contour. It is enough to make a couple of sketchy strokes, the program will do the rest for you. Want to style your photo? Take a look at the built-in collection of effects. In it you will find 100+ filters for instant processing of any pictures. Turn modern photos into atmospheric vintage frames, Add unusual tinting or stylize your picture to your favorite movie. All this can be done with just one click!
  • Quick retouch of any portraits. PhotoDiva is suitable for processing female, male, child, age, group and any other portraits. Just open the picture in the program and get to work. Set the basic parameters of the photo and make a subtle retouch.
  • Autotouch of portraits. PhotoDiva includes predefined processing styles. A set of presets covers all key tasks – even out skin tone, eliminate minor imperfections, make teeth whiter, and eyes more expressive. Each of these changes is done with a simple mouse click. By switching to manual settings, you will be able to make more accurate local adjustments and transform the appearance of individual portions of the portrait – skin, eyes, eyebrows, lips and teeth.
  • Correction of facial features. In PhotoDiva, you can change the look of your face to your liking. Use the “? Plastic” function to adjust the oval of the face, the shape of the chin, the size of the eyes, nose of the lips and eyebrows. All settings are made by simply moving the sliders. Create memorable portraits without flaws!
  • Create virtual makeup. A unique feature of the PhotoDiva editor is applying makeup directly to the picture. The set of programs includes everything you need for a complete image. Blush and highlighter will refresh your face, and a bronzer will emphasize your cheekbones and tan. Shadows and lipstick will help to complete the image. The color for them can be independently selected on the built-in palette. You just have to adjust the strength of the effect.
  • Replace and blur the background. PhotoDiva makes sure that the portrait was not only impeccable, but also the background. You can make the background too intrusive less clear by setting up a radial filter. The completely unsuccessful background can be completely removed by selecting a new background. The editor allows you to complete the installation in just a couple of minutes.
  • This is only part of the functionality of the PhotoDiva program – in addition, the software allows you to adjust the color balance, adjust the vignette, apply effects to photos, and much more


Features RePack’a:
Type: installation | unpacking the portable version (thanks Punsh).
Languages: ML.
Cut out: nothing.
Activation: done (thanks kaktustv)

You can download PhotoDiva from the link below…

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