Postbox 7.0.50 With Crack Latest

Postbox 7.0.50 With Crack Latest

Postbox is an email client that allows you to simultaneously work with several electronic mailboxes and comfortably view the contents of emails, including those that use HTML in the design.

The application is also a good manager, it will help to easily find, sort or mass delete letters. In order to “bind” an email account to a client, you will need to specify the address of the mailbox, the password and select one of the supported connection protocols.

With Postbox it is not only convenient to view received letters, but also to send them. The program supports mass mailing and pleases the eye with a pleasant interface design.

The latter, by the way, is fully customizable and scalable. You can allocate most of the area of ​​the main window of the program, both under the display of the text of the letter, and under the contents of the box. The client is quite compact and not demanding of system resources.

This email client is based on the popular Mozilla Thunderbird program. He inherited its interface and offers a similar panel structure. Thanks to this, manage accounts, tapes and emails.

The initial configuration of the Postbox is very simple. The user is only required to enter an email address and password.

Then the program itself will find the server settings in the database, and fill in all the details, if any, will be available. Therefore, users of Gmail or Yahoo! will be able to customize the program in seconds.

Integration with Gmail allows you to organize all letters using shortcuts, and browse letters using the labels of this mail service.

The program also allows you to read letters in conversation mode, which makes it easier to view long chains of letters.

The indexing of emails offered by Postbox allows you to view all attachments and images from a folder. To do this, simply switch to the attachment view mode, select the desired file and save it to your computer.

In addition to working with e-mails, this program can be used to read news RSS feeds. There is an option to import subscriptions from the same Thunderbird. Tapes can be filtered, allowing you to see only interesting news.

In general, this program is a convenient and efficient email client and news RSS aggregator. It offers many features, flexible settings and a well-designed interface.

What’s new:

Added to ellipses to • the the Quick Bar to accommodate long folder names or deeply nested folder a paths
• Improved the way the indexes Postbox automatically search for messages
• Added preference The for the number of seconds to the idle: wait the before indexing in the Preferences | Options> Advanced> General
• Added? The Options> the Advanced> of General
• Implemented The change That will of always force a selection in the the Focus Pane the when IT is the Opened
• Improved the accuracy of the S / the MIME icons in the message header
• the Better and more the complete the fix for “efail” security issue
• the Fixed a bug caused signature defaults to display
• the Fixed a bug That Would Prevent Subsequent the Topic selections command from working in the the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
• the Fixed a bug That Could a cause content to the BE Duplicated the when jumping from the Quick Reply to a full composition window
• the Fixed a regression That prevented Topics from being of of properly removed
the Fixed a bug • That prevented search results from the when of a displaying the Account Group is an is selected
• the Fixed a bug That Could a cause new messages to Appear not the when the Focus Pane the attributes are selected
• Several theme is the Fixed / the UI Issues

OS: Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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