Professor Excel Tools 3.0 Premium With Crack Latest

Professor Excel Tools 3.0 Premium With Crack Latest

Professor Excel Tools extends your Excel with new features. It will help you save time in your daily work in Excel.

Professor Excel Tools contains over 120 functions that Excel does not provide. The functions are divided into 5 groups:
• The “Copy and Paste” group offers advanced paste functions such as transpose and link to the source at the same time, or paste exact formulas without adapting ranges.
• “Quick Cell Functions” support day-to-day work with convenient formatting, inserting special formulas, or wrapping IFERROR or ROUND formulas around existing cell contents.
• “Workbook Tools” perform a variety of tasks such as creating a table of contents, breaking all links in a workbook, and merging files.
• “Display and layout tools” offer options for defining the style of the entire workbook. Features include hiding or removing columns, rows, sheets and grid lines, changing fonts, or sorting worksheets.
• Shutdown features include tools to reduce file size and one-click share buttons to attach individual worksheets as PDF or XLSX files to a new email or save them to your hard drive

• Windows 7 and higher (incl. Office 365 / Microsoft 365)
• Microsoft Office 2010 and later Download Professor Excel Tools 3.0 Premium add-on (1.4 MB):

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