Promt 19 Professional Multilingual !{Latest}

Promt 19 Professional Multilingual !{Latest}

PROMT Professional 19 is a business solution with maximum translation management capabilities. PROMT Professional is able to quickly and accurately translate a document, text from a website or a message, as well as create and merge corporate databases of translated texts, which is very convenient when working with standard documents, such as, for example, contracts or instructions.

The PROMT Professional 19 translator is intended for professional translation of documents of various formats, web pages, search queries, e-mail, and also provides a number of additional features, such as extracting terminology from texts or batch translation of files.

The main features of the translator:

  • embedding and using translation features in the following applications: Microsoft Office XP-2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Outlook), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Writer;
  • professional translation of documents of various formats (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, TXT, PDF) in a specialized translator application with the ability to customize the translation, and
  • also editing and checking the spelling of the source text and translation;
  • batch translation of documents (Microsoft Word, Excel 2007-2013, PowerPoint 2007-2013, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, XLIFF);
  • translation of texts in any Windows application supporting clipboard operations using a combination of “hot keys”;
  • electronic dictionary containing the entire dictionary database of specialized dictionaries of the PROMT company;
  • improving the quality of translation with the help of linguistic settings of the translator
  • creating and editing translation memory databases;
  • creating and editing translation profiles;
  • installation of additional specialized dictionaries;
  • create and edit custom dictionaries;
  • create and edit rules for translating XML files;
  • back up of the linguistic data of the PROMT translator;
  • extract terminology from texts;
  • synchronization of linguistic data between the desktop version of the translator and the PROMT Translation Server.

The structure of Promt Professional includes such applications and modules:

  • PROMT Translator is a professional translator with a wide range of linguistic settings.
  • PROMT Agent is an application for fast translation of text in any Windows application that supports clipboard operations.
  • Dictionary Editor – an application for creating and editing custom dictionaries.
  • PROMT Electronic Dictionary is an application that allows you to get numerous translations from various specialized dictionaries of the PROMT company and grammatical information on each selected word.
  • Plugin Manager is a tool for embedding translation functions into external applications.
  • PROMT for Microsoft Office – translation module in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook).
  • PROMT for OpenOffice – a module for translating texts in the editor Writer.
  • PROMT for Internet ExploreD – a module for translating web pages in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
  • PROMT for Mozilla Firefox – a module for translating web pages in Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Batch File Translator is an application for batch file translation.
  • Translation Memory Database Manager is a tool for creating and editing Translation Memory databases.
  • Terminology Manager Lite is a tool for automating the extraction and management of terminology.
  • XML Rule Editor is an editor for the translation rules for SGML and XML documents.
  • Backup is a means of saving and restoring user data and PROMT translator settings.
  • Dictionary Installer is an application for installing translation profiles and specialized dictionaries.
  • Data Synchronization with PTS – an application to synchronize linguistic data between the local PROMT translator and the PROMT Translation Server.

Translation directions:

  • English-Russian
  • Russian-English
  • German-Russian
  • Russian-German
  • French-Russian
  • Russian-French
  • Spanish-Russian
  • Russian-Spanish
  • Italian-Russian

OS: Microsoft Windows 10; Microsoft Windows 8.x; Microsoft Windows 7; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP2 or higher. 

You can download Promt Professional from the link below…

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