QTranslate + Portable With Crack Latest

QTranslate 6.5.3 + Portable

QTranslate + Portable With Crack Latest

QTranslate is a free program that translates text into different languages ​​using online services. The translation is carried out by selecting text (PCM by icon in the tray,

“Mouse mode” – “Activate”, “Show translation”) or by pressing just one combination of “hot” keys (Ctrl + Q to translate selected text in a popup window or Ctrl + W for translation of the selected text in the main program window).

You can also open the main window and enter all the text manually. The program has the ability to play (sound) the text (Ctrl + E for scoring the selected text).

The program has two modes of text translation by mouse selection (it is enabled / disabled by a single mouse click on the program icon in the tray):

Show icon (Highlight the text in any program, the program icon near the cursor appears, click on the icon, a pop-up window appears with the translation of the selected text) ;

Show translation (Select the text in any program and immediately a pop-up window appears with the translation of the selected text).

The current version of QTranslate is supported by the following online translators:

  • Google Translate (translate.google.com);
  • Promt (www.translate.ru);
  • Babylon (www.translation.babylon.com)
  • SDL (www.freetranslation.com);
  • Bing Translate (translate.bing.com);
  • Yandex translation (translate.yandex.ru).
  • youdao
  • Baidu

You can download QTranslate from the link below…

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