Radardroid Pro

Radardroid Pro

An application for Android devices that alerts speed cameras using GPS. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning at the moment when you will approach any stationary or mobile speed camera based on the application database.

Using the proposed set of features, the app will help you to reduce possible speeding tickets.

Full support for minimized mode. Listening to your favorite music or using your favorite navigation program on your device, you will still receive a visual and / or voice alert when approaching the speed camera. You just need to enable the alert service. (Pro)

• Voice warnings telling camera speeds (users can customize these warnings).
• Visual and audible warnings.
• Vibrator warnings (very useful for bikers).
It will help you to change your battery life. If you need it.
• Day and Night modes.
• Select your screen orientation: portrait, landscape or automatic.
• Radardroid main window is an online map of locations. Radardroid also incorporates your speed and direction.
• Download Speed ​​Camera Database directly from SpeedCameraPOI.com. Keep your database updated with just one click.
• Import your preferred SD card.

You can download Radardroid Pro from the link below…

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