Rank Tracker Professional Latest

Rank Tracker Professional Latest

This is the perfect set of tools for search engine optimization sites with the fastest updates and a huge number of supported search engines (currently more than 500). You will be offered five programs for search engine optimization, which improve and accelerate the work of the optimizer at all stages of website promotion: Rank Tracker, BuzzBundle, LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor. Rank Tracker Search keywords and check the position of the site in 700+ search engines. Counting Internet traffic for each keyword. Analysis of the positions of sites 10 competitors. Monitoring positions in the universal search results.

Rank Tracker is an ideal solution for: • Searching for keywords; • Checking website positions in search engines .

Rank Tracker features:

• Check the position of the site in any of 346 search engines in a few minutes!
• It will help to assess progress SEO-campaign
• Check the position of the site in the universal issue
• Will show geo-targeted results
• Helps ensure that the position is the correct landing page
• Provide traffic data from the Google Analytics
• Safe working with the search engines (the emulation of human behavior, support Google, Yahoo! and Bing API (use of proxy);
• Unlimited number of projects and keywords;
• Customizable workspaces. Displays only the information you need at the moment!
• Professional PDF reports on positions, site visibility in search engines, traffic and keywords;
• Ability to work with websites in any language. WebSite Auditor Analyzing the content of competitors and optimizing their own content. Full analysis of the site’s link structure and identification of problems related to HTML code. WebSite Auditor in just a few minutes will analyze your site and evaluate the quality of each of its pages based on numerous parameters. This will help you understand which elements optimization will help improve your position. WebSite Auditor features: • Analyzes the current degree of site optimization • Identifies existing problems • Helps improve site indexing • Helps optimize each page for selected keywords

• Shows statistics on social signals for the entire site and individual pages
• Compares the number of social signals with the number of real visits, and helps you determine which social networks bring more visitors and, accordingly, bring more benefits.
• Generation of Sitemap and robots.txt files
• Professional PDF reports on the structure and content of pages
• Task Scheduler
• Support for websites in any language
• SpyGlass multilingual SEO interface Study of competitor’s incoming links and selection of quality resources for link placement. Calculate Internet traffic for each link. The ability to detect more than 100,000 inbound links.

SEO SpyGlass finds fresh backlinks from several sources, including one of the largest web link links webmeup backlink tool. Depending on the actual number of links to the site, the check may take from 1 to 20 minutes (on average, only 4 minutes!). If you have collected information about links from other sources or exported data about the backlinks of your site from the panel for Google or Yandex webmasters, you can easily import it into SEO SpyGlass, then analyze the links and evaluate their quality.

SEO SpyGlass can check the following parameters:
• IP address of the domain
• Age of the domain
• Google PageRank of the domain
• Alexa Rank
• Other external links located on the referring page
• Links of nofollow and dofollow
• Reference anchors
• Signals from social networks
• A total of more than 40 factors for evaluating

SEO links SpyGlass will perform the most in-depth analysis of the link mass, which the reports of no other tool on the market of SEO programs compare to. Remember: even in the most “natural” white reference profile there can be problem links.

Some other useful SEO SpyGlass features include:
• Creating a link reference promotion blitz report
• PDF reports with detailed link profile analysis
• Task scheduler for automating tool operation
• Web site support in any language
• Program is localized into several European languages LinkAssistant

Manage the exchange of links and check their availability and validity. Possibility of 3 and 4-way exchange.

The task of this program for the promotion of sites is to facilitate and speed up the process of checking and searching for backlinks. The program searches for sites that are relevant to yours, helps to correspond with potential partners (you can use editable letter templates), checks for links (and also checks pages for using nofollow tags, robots.txt ban on indexing, redirects, etc.) generates and uploads links to the site and much more.

Detailed information about each link:
• Link URL
• Date added
• Reference text
• Verification data (availability, status (nofollow, dofollow), etc.)
• Important SEO parameters (Google PR, domain age, etc.)
• Webmaster contacts
• And another

module “search for poor quality resources” will allow you to:
• Check the availability of previously acquired links
• Make sure that all links have the correct reference text
• Check quality of all referring pages
• Check referring pages for javascript, frames, redirects, “nofollow” tags, etc.

No matter what keywords you are promoting, LinkAssistant helps you find relevant sites to which you can direct your efforts. Moreover, the program will evaluate each site for many SEO factors and allow you to choose the most reputable sites.

Other important LinkAssistant features:
• Task Scheduler
• Support for websites in any language
• Interface and reports translated into 7 languages BuzzBundle is a unique program for management in social media. Profiles on VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, as well as on thousands of forums and blogs … No matter how many profiles you create in social media, even one person can easily manage them with the help of BuzzBundle! Features: • Create characters with dozens of accounts on social networks. You can easily manage them all at once, whether it’s a PR representative from your company, a general director, a technical support worker, you yourself or your aunt.

• Launch your promotional campaign on a variety of social platforms. Do not miss a single opportunity to make your brand more popular. Manage all social profiles through one convenient program.
• Create and develop new social profiles or use existing ones. Increase profile authority and increase your brand awareness and reputation. Enjoy a powerful and even more convenient social media management system.
• Create more noise around your brand than it ever was possible. Maintain positive feedback and dispute negative comments. Make your brand recognizable on the Internet.

BuzzBundle Functions:
Advanced Management
• Automatic publication of statuses, messages and announcements at scheduled times.
• Proxy hiding the real geographic location
• Category “Favorites” for important headings / discussions
• All links to your site from social media (up to 10 sites per project)

Hundreds of social profiles
• Characters for all representatives / companies that you need to submit online
• Unlimited social profiles for each character
• Easy to switch between characters
• Use existing social profiles
• Register new profiles on social networks directly from the BuzzBundle program

Simply sending messages
• Comments, retweets, replies to messages and personal correspondence
• Choosing the character on whose behalf the message will be sent
• Publish ads in the right social networks
• Participate in discussions directly from the program

Reputation + Search Engine Optimization with one tool
• See who discusses your brand or uses certain keywords
• Find all the links leading to your website from social networks, forums, blogs etc.
• Find reviews and recommendations
• Track discussions and discussions of competing brands
• Join discussions and build a positive perception of your brand

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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