Ransomware Defender Pro 3.8.6 !{Latest}

Ransomware Defender 3.8.6 | File Size: 8.64 MB

ShieldApps’ Ransomware Defender deals with known ransomware in a way no other solution can. Specially designed for detecting and blocking ransomware prior to any damage, Ransomware Defender blacklists and stops both common and unique ransomware.

Once installed, Ransomware Defender stands guard 24/7 utilizing active protection algorithms enhanced with user-friendly alerts and notifications system.

Ransomware Defender is fully automated, taking care of all threats via an advanced Scan > Detect > Lock Down mechanism that proactively stands guard to detected threats, and works alongside all main antiviruses and anti-malware products!

Ransomware Defender also features a scheduled automatic scan, secured file eraser, lifetime updates and support!


The main advantages of Ransomware Defender:
 Detection of viruses-extortioners. The program detects and removes all known viruses-extortioners before they have time to harm your PC.
 Deep scanning.

 The solution provides a deep scan of your device and detects hidden viruses in folders of both high and low levels.
 24-hour security. Ransomware Defender – constantly on guard for the security of your computer. The program includes scheduled scan settings and a permanent detection system.

 Active protection.Ransomware Defender has the option “hands-off”, through which it can manage the scanning, detection and blocking of viruses per user.

Main features of Ransomware Defender: • Protection from virus-extortioners. Constant protection against threats.

• Smart detection of viruses. 

Thanks to the advanced detection system, Ransomware Defender localizes threats and notifies users about them in real time. • Active protection and warning system. 

The solution provides constant round-the-clock protection, stops any suspicious activity, removes malicious software if necessary and sends a report to the user. • Automation.

The program is fully automated in just a few clicks, after which all the necessary processes are performed automatically, without user intervention.
• Scheduled scan and cleaning. The user can set the schedule for automatic scanning, including the desired repetition intervals and time frames.

Thus, the user will protect himself from the probability of skipping the scan in case he forgets or does not have time to do it manually.

• Automatic updates. Ransomware Defender automatically downloads updates daily, providing the most accurate detection.
• Cleansing history.Using the latest technologies of personal browser settings, Ransomware Defender protects all user personal data from possible tracking and abuse.
• Safely delete files. If there is a possible threat in an application installed on your PC, the Ransomware Defender program will help to remove it along with all the files associated with this malicious software.

Ransomware Detection
Detects and removes any known ransomware before it can take action and harm your PC.

Deep Scan
The program will deep-scan your device and find hidden ransomware in both high and low level folders.

24/7 Protection
Ransomware Defender stands guard at all times, with adjustable schedule scans and 24/7 real-time detection mechanism..

Active Protection
Ransomware Defender provides a complete hands-off option, proactively managing scan, detection & block processes for you.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version



OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

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