Red Giant Complete Suite + MacOSX {Latest} / Complete Suite


Red Giant Complete Suite + MacOSX {Latest} / Complete Suite

Red Giant Keying Suite – A complete set of professional tools that make your keijn seamless, which gives realism to your composition. Need to create the effect of curly hair or translucent glass?

This bundle of Primatte Keyer and Key Correct will allow you to solve the most difficult problems of Keying, with confidence and in record time.

Start by preparing the footage for the keying in the Primatte Keyer using the Key Correct tool, and then adjust the Key Correct mask for perfection in pixels within After Effects.

Keying Suite includes:

• Key Correct is a set of 15 plug-ins that can be used in combination with any modulator to soften the alpha channels, align foreground colors and background colors, fix outlines and clear noise.

The Key Correct solution is integrated with the Color Matcher filter, which helps to correct any scenes. Allows you to adjust the level of color saturation and minimizes changes in background color, provides transparency of the color of the video image and opacity of individual areas.

• Primatte Keyer – is a professional tool that quickly extracts layers from any colored background. The module has a high level of power and speed for After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Pro.

Primatte Keyer features include easy-to-use automatic settings that create a quality image with a single click.

The functionality of Primatte Keyer helps to overcome the problems of working with layers, such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, thin shadows and softening edges.

The solution provides improved control of compositions due to the functions of light control.

• Warp – Plug-in for After Effects, includes 3 powerful modules that provide comprehensive control over shadows, reflections and distorted video.

The Shadow tool visualizes realistic shadows for text or objects shot on a monophonic background, the Reflection tool creates realistic reflections.

Using the Corner Pin tool, you can work with distorted images, importing data from Mocha for After Effects and adding the necessary transformations and effects to achieve realism.

Warp allows you to extract video from deformed sources and add them to another video in good quality. The Radium Glow plugin was removed from sale due to the integration into Warp

Trapcode Suite is a collection of 10 tools for creating visual effects, which are the industry standard for telecasting and 3D design. The package includes plug-ins 3D Stroke, Echospace, Form, Horizon, Lux, Mir, Particular, Shine, Sound Keys and Starglow. Use Trapcode Suite to create high-quality text captions, animated backgrounds and logos with fast rendering

Trapcode Suite includes:

• Trapcode 3D Strokeis a plug-in that uses the contours of one or more masks (used as a stencil or block) to create 3D lines that can be rotated freely and moved in three-dimensional space. The plug-in has a built-in camera for users AE41 and Combustion 3, and also allows you to use the camera composition AE5. Since Adobe After Effects provides the ability to add contour images created in Adobe Illustrator as masks, the Trapcode 3D Stroke plugin allows you to work with original vector designs, while the outlines do not disappear when viewed from the side.

• Trapcode Echospace is a plugin designed to duplicate layers, create animations based on them and manage them in accordance with the plan. The action of the plugin is similar to the echo effect, however, unlike the 2D echo, it creates layer elements in 3D space, multiplying them many times.

• Trapcode Form  – a plug-in for After Effects, designed to create animation effects in which there is fire, smoke, sand, wind. Trapcode Form can create effects of any complexity – from text logos, which are carried away by a gust of wind, to the three-dimensional model of the Earth. Includes more than 60 pre-blanks, each of which contains customizable parameters.

• Trapcode Horizon is a plug-in for After Effects, which allows you to work in a three-dimensional format and is used to work with virtual studios and cameras. Gives the composition a new look with the help of a unique display tool, linking After Effects camera with three-dimensional space. Applying an image or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere, Horizon creates an infinite background mode. Regardless of where the camera is aimed, simple controls quickly create photorealistic backgrounds or gradients of the sky. The unique Horizon creates QuickTime VR events in After Effects and provides the ability to update the image with full control over the 3D motion and field of view of the camera.

• Trapcode Lux is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry Nuke, which simulates the effect of light scattering in finely dispersed media, also known as the phenomenon of ‘visible light’. Similar phenomena are observed, for example, in the presence of fog or smoke in the environment.

• Trapcode Mir makes fast rendering of three-dimensional figures, which is based on the power of OpenGL, with instant preview of the created effect. Users will play with the simplest polygonal mesh, which is packed with features such as fractal noise for distortion, texture mapping, repetition of geometry and the ability to easily integrate with After Effects. Mir generates smoothed shaded objects or iridescent organic elements, abstract landscapes and nebula structures – excellently animated with lighting and depth. Overcome the speed limit in After Effects with a fast, flexible and simple animation design.

• Trapcode Particular – a plug-in for generating 3D particle systems in Adobe After Effects, indispensable for creating a variety of special effects, from realistic smoke and explosions, to simulating the movement of various elements. Realistic effects – white clouds, shiny bubbles, dust particles, rain, falling snow, natural smoke, or a flock of birds – all this is possible with the help of this plugin.

• Trapcode Shine  is a plugin designed to create the effect of fast light. The effect obtained with Trapcode Shine is not inferior to the 3D one and it simulates the volume of illumination well. Special tools allow you to change the flicker frequency and the color of the light rays.

• Trapcode Sound Keys is a plug-in keyframe generator for After Effects. Allows you to visually select the necessary areas of the audio spectrum and convert the sound energy of certain selected frequencies into a stream of video frames. The plugin is indispensable for creating audio annotations.

• Trapcode Starglow  is a plug-in for quickly creating a glow effect. It creates around the light sources a halo in the form of a star. The star consists of eight rays, each of which can be given its own individual length and color.

Red Giant Effects Suite  – a set of 9 tools that will provide you with creative freedom for professional visual effects. The collection includes the following components: Composite Wizard, Image Lounge, Holomatrix, Knoll Light Factory, PlaneSpace, Psunami, Text Anarchy, ToonIt, Warp, which are integrated into Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.Text Anarchy, ToonIt and Warp. Effects Suite 11 also includes full support for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Effects Suite 11 includes:

• Composite Wizard – Designed for After Effects and is a tool for seamless image merging. Composite Wizard includes more than 20 filters and helps to soften uneven edges and fuzzy masks, and also balances the color system. The Composite Wizard allows you to automate most color correction effects, seamlessly bridges the boundaries of images and removes unwanted artifacts using the Wire / Rig Zapper, Miracle AlphaCleaner and Denoiser filters. The Spill Killer tool removes light spots in the integrated images.

• Red Giant Holomatrix – plug-in for After Effects, allowing you to monitor the created virtual reality and create a variety of complexity special effects. The solution includes more than 30 customized effects that convert ordinary footage into animated sci-fi holograms, depicting poor reception of the TV signal and creating realistic digital signals. Using Holomatrix, you can recreate holographic scenes from the ‘Star Wars’ or make actors look like ghosts from ‘Harry Potter’. The effect is interesting for working with logos and other elements of dynamic graphics. Thanks to the Holomatrix tool, you can give the video a fantastic look, using various effects and modes.

• Image Lounge – is a module for After Effects, which contains more than 20 filters that allow you to transform images and create the effect of fire, smoke and water, giving a special style to each of the footage. Using the Image Lounge, you can add realistic shadows, moves, color displays, or blur effects and defocus images, creating the effect of shooting a camera with a film. Allows you to add three-dimensional shadows to the object or text elements, as well as simulate the characteristic distortions of water, hot air, steam and other effects. You can generate solar flares, explosions, smoke or flaming fire background images. The Fractal Clouds filter in the Image Lounge helps create clouds of any shape and form, as well as a ‘hypnotic tunnel’.

• Knoll Light Factory – A plug-in used to create light effects, mostly glare-reflections from bright light sources, for example, from the Sun. Effects consist of highlights, highlights, rainbows, reflections that can bring artistic effects and give the picture a special spectacle. All effects have flexible settings, and the designer, by creating his own effect, can arrange it tuning as needed. Such effects can be used when creating logos and other text effects.

• Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop – Co-creator of Photoshop and the effects of ‘Star Wars’, special effects specialist John Knoll (John Knoll) developed Knoll Light Factory to simulate reflections from a very bright light source through the camera lens. This turned out to be one of the most popular plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Knoll Light Factory goes far beyond the typical highlights in Photoshop, with more than 100 gorgeous presets, real-time preview and 19 powerful tools for creating your own effects!

• PlaneSpace – is a tool for managing individual levels in multi-layer effects. PlaneSpace organizes three-dimensional levels of the entire three-dimensional space into the required form, without requiring key frames or complex mathematics. The user can force the keyframes to revitalize the position or orientation of the levels, creating really complex objects in a three-dimensional format. The number of levels that PlaneSpace can control is limited only by the processing power.

• Psunami – is a plug-in for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Avid. Allows photorealistic imitation of the water surface. Psunami produces an accurate three-dimensional geometry of the ocean surface, which is similar to real water – from a calm water surface to raging waves in the open sea. Has about a hundred settings. Psunami is used in many feature films, television programs and promotional videos.

• Text Anarchy – is a plug-in for After Effects, which includes various filters for creating animated text effects. The tools implemented in Text Anarchy allow you to build text from the given curves, create animations from one character to another, and use effects with particles. Supports the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic fonts and hieroglyphs.

• ToonIt – designed to give the staff the effect of the animated or drawn image. Helps to explore the image, reduce the number of colors and determine the boundaries of objects. ToonIt performs face recognition and facial features while creating an effect. ToonIt includes four filters that help to simulate different drawing techniques. ToonIt uses unique Toonamation technology algorithms to process images and create animated effects. Relieves of such laborious techniques as rotoscoping and manual coloring.

• Warp – is a module for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Avid, and includes 6 powerful modules that provide comprehensive control over the shadows, reflections and distorted video. The Shadow tool visualizes realistic shadows for text or objects shot on a monophonic background, the Reflection tool creates realistic reflections. Radium Glow, Glow Lite and Glow Edge are designed to add complex glow and flicker effects to any project. Using the Corner Pin tool, you can work with distorted images, importing data from Mocha for After Effects and adding the necessary transformations and effects to achieve realism. Warp allows you to extract video from deformed sources and add them to another video in good quality. The Radium Glow plug-in was removed from the sale due to the integration into Warp

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite  – a package of powerful plug-ins for professional color correction, lighting control used in programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas. The kit includes the main tools: Magic Bullet Looks 3, Magic Bullet Colorista III, Magic Bullet Film, Magic Bullet Mojo 2, Magic Bullet Cosmo 2, Denoiser II and LUT Buddy.

Magic Bullet Suite includes:

• Magic Bullet Film – gives your digital shooting the look of a real movie with a complete emulation of the entire photochemical process – from the original negative film, color correction, and finally printing. Magic Bullet Film is based on real cinema and real color grading, based on the experience of industry experts, giving you 88 possible cinematic combinations.

• Magic Bullet Mojo – Kind of a modern Hollywood blockbuster instantly. Now you can have one of the best Hollywood tricks in your own sleeve. Modern blockbusters often use the subtle skin coloring effect in warm tones, while backgrounds and shadows receive a cold blue treatment – but focus should do it, keeping your talent! Magic Bullet Mojo gives you this modern Hollywood look instantly, with simple customizable controls.

• Magic Bullet Cosmo – your secret weapon for the perfect close-up of high definition, it will make glamorous hands and a reduction in age on the screen. Make a 30-year-old model, a 40-year-old actress to look equally stunning – and even better than she can imagine – quickly professional cosmetic cleansers for your video will cope with this. Cosmo levels the skin tone, softens problem areas and corrects beauty defects based on our Colorista II technology. Its default settings have been carefully chosen to make your theme look great. We worked hard so that you did not have to … because by the end of the day, everyone needs a little space.

• Magic Bullet Denoiser II – professionally remove noise from the video. Traditional methods of noise removal can lead to the erosion of small parts, but modern technology Denoiser retains the definition, eliminating noise.

• Magic Bullet Looks – A color correction plug-in designed for users working in various nonlinear editing applications, such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid Xpress Pro / Media Composer and containing 36 tools and more than 100 preset styles. Magic Bullet Looks allows you to improve, adjust the colors and hues in the video, apply different styles, for example, to stylize the video under the old movie. The plugin includes more than a hundred different presets, divided into ten categories. Magic Bullet Looks has a unique interface, allowing you to easily manage all available functions. The plugin includes 36 tools for giving the video the desired effect. With the help of another tool called Magic Bullet Misfire, you can “damage” the picture, giving it the look of an old film, with the effects of dust and scratches.

• Magic Bullet Colorista III  – brings the power of high-end color systems on the desktop. In the first you can perform professional color correction in your favorite applications, edit and navigate between them with consistent quality results. The easy-to-use Colorista interface is equally good for quick adjustments or for fine-grained processing of footage without restrictions. Use 3-Way Wheels for easy balance and brightness adjustment; new powerful Keyer for precise editing; and Mask strength to isolate the area for perfect finishing. Whether you are a color expert or a future colorist, Colorista III will show how filmmakers everywhere are doing color correction.

• Magic Bullet LUT Buddy – The plugin allows you to manipulate and experiment with light, lighting on the photo without wiping the details, create all sorts of stylized effects such as: old movie, old photo, sunlight glare, lighting through blinds and many others that will help to give a new mood to your photos. Magic Bullet PhotoLooks tool consisting of 36 components allows you to easily control lighting conditions and create stylized visual effects for any image. Immediately move the inhabitants of your regular photo from a cold winter to the shore of a tropical beach or to the desert at sunrise.

Red Giant Shooter Suite  – a set of tools for preparing and delivering video for shooting and synchronization on the timeline.

The Red Giant Shooter Suite includes the Red Giant BulletProof application, which is designed to simplify the daily processes for processing video footage: sorting, browsing, maintaining the catalog, editing metadata, backing up, primary color correction and transcoding.

Fast automatic synchronization of audio and video in PluralEyes 4 eliminates the problems traditionally associated with multi-camera shooting. Red Giant Shooter Suite also includes LUT Buddy applications for color correction, Instant HD for converting to HD quality and Frames for fast transfer of interlaced video to 24p format.

Key features of Red Giant Shooter Suite:

– A single full-featured solution, which frees the user from the need to perform monotonous tasks for the preliminary preparation of video materials.
– Ensure the consistency of older video materials, recently filmed, thanks to the applications of LUT Buddy, Instant HD and Frames.
– Analyze and backup the footage to any user-friendly folder so that it can safely erase files from the camcorder’s memory.
– Functions of evaluation, color correction and sorting of video on the fly.
– Convert DV-video to a variety of HD-video formats. Select from the list of presets the required resolution for easy integration of DV-video into high-resolution products.
– Frames – plug-in for Premiere Pro and After Effects editing systems, with which the video captured by an inexpensive camera with interlaced scanning (including NTSC, PAL, and HD formats) can be converted to a full 24p format with progressive scan
– Denoiser II – Plugin for remove noise on your video. Traditional methods of noise reduction can cause the smearing of some small parts, but the improved technology Denoiser can keep the sharpness of the frame.
– Red Giant Offload – Easy-to-use stand-alone application for safe unloading and backup of frames from your camera’s memory card to your computer and / or external storage. Offload works with almost all cameras, maps and media formats. No special equipment is required. Offload is ideal for use on set, in the field, or when you return home.

Red Gaint Media Copy  helps to collect all incoming files in the project for moving.

Red Giant Trapcode Form 2.1.3 – the plug –  in is one of the most popular plug-ins for After Effects. You need to generate particles. In Form, the number of particles is fixed and they are constantly present in space. This allows you to create beautiful effects in the form of sand, smoke, wind. You can create a logo, text or 3D object from particles, using not only static frames, but also video and even obj-sequences.

Developer: Red Giant 
License: ShareWare 
Language: English 
Size: 2.12 GB 
OS: Windows 7/8/10 x64 

You can download Red Giant Complete Suite from the link below…

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