RxMediapharma 2022 V5.5.4 (Pharmacy Management System) With Crack

RxMediapharma 2022 V5.5.4 (Pharmacy Management System) With Crack

RxMediaPharma ® Interactive Drug Information Resource

RxMediaPharma® is a comprehensive drug information resource. The purpose of its preparation is to support the existing knowledge of doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals, to inform them about new developments and to enable them to access information quickly.

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information it covers, the results of inquiries and reports (such as drug interactions and incompatibilities, reimbursement information) is accurate and up-to-date as of the date of publication,

all other available drug information sources should be consulted before healthcare professionals decide on patient treatment. The information provided is only a recommendation and can never replace the information specified in the original manufacturer’s prospectus,

short product information (SPC) and instructions for use (PIP) of pharmaceutical drug preparations approved by the TR Ministry of Health .

Since the physician’s expertise, clinical knowledge and experience are essential in determining the patient treatment strategy,

RxMediaPharma® cannot be the basis for determining the clinical treatment strategy. At the same time, the information presented does not reflect the refund policy of any institution.

The owner of RxMediaPharma® Interactive Pharmaceutical Information Resource is GEMAS General Engineering Mechanical Industry and Trade Inc. ,

its authors and editors can not be held responsible in any way for the use of this information source and for any errors that may occur in the medicine prices and Health Practice Communiqué .

GEMAS A.S. RxMediaPharma® Interactive Drug Information Resource , databases, query and reporting modules from the software when it deems necessary, excludes updates and prepares it as a separate software reserves all kinds of rights.

RxMediaPharma® requires registration on the RxMediaPharma User Portal ( http://www.rxmpws.com ) for post-installation licensing.

Users are required to obtain a username and password from this portal for licensing. The software transfers only user license information during licensing.

For update processes, the software connects to RxMediaPharma® websites, the user’s information is not transferred in any way for update processes. During the update and user registration processes, GEMAS Genel Mühendislik Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.is not responsible.

The production and sales rights of this computer software product are GEMAS General Engineering Mechanical Industry and Trade Inc.It belongs to .

Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works; It is protected by the law on the amendment of some articles of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, numbered 4630 and dated 21.02.2001, and the Turkish Penal Code, numbered 5237 and dated 26/09/2004.

It is an offense under these laws. Therefore, the software cannot be copied, modified, rented, sold, transferred in any way; software and databases may not be reverse engineered;

data from screenshots and databases, even partially, cannot be transferred to other databases; It cannot be used in the development of other software, websites, reference resources and the like.

RxMediaPharma® Interactive Drug Information Resource software provides service with a subscription system. The subscription period of the 2021 version expires on January 15, 2022.

The user has the right to use the magnetic and/or optical media in which the software is located, only with a user license during the subscription period.

When the subscription expires, the user’s license right expires and the software turns itself off and becomes unavailable. All rights of the software, databases and documentation belong to GEMAS General Engineering Mechanical Industry and Trade Inc. It belongs to.

GEMAS General Engineering Mechanical Industry and Trade Inc.

User Portal: http://www.rxmpws.com

RxMediaPharma is a registered trademark of GEMAS General Engineering Mechanical Industry and Trade Inc.

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