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81 Responses

  1. khurram says:

    plz tell password of zip

  2. what is the password of the zip file

  3. martialazam says:

    What is the password of rar file

  4. brian says:

    What’s username and password?

  5. anis Rehmna says:

    What’s username and password?

  6. Pedro Kf says:

    LAN client software pls…

  7. Husain says:

    Hi, Can you please explain the process of installation and for how long would this software be free for?

  8. sumit soni says:

    Sir this software only valid till 2020 session and further? What should I do?

  9. Ravi says:

    plz crack the coaching management and upload….. it will be very useful.

  10. Mac says:

    Is LAN Client software available?

  11. Rahul Singh says:

    Activation key
    unlock key

  12. JAVEED says:

    New version has been released please update that

  13. Subhash says:

    hello! mr.armaan can you crack the coaching institute management for us.

  14. mukund says:

    what is the pass word of access database file

  15. mukund says:

    Please send database file password

  16. ravi says:

    plz crack coaching institute management. its a very very demanding sofware.

  17. rashid says:

    sir please tell me how can i reload backup file if i lost my data in sms

  18. M. Irfan says:

    plz send my database file password

  19. david says:

    how do i restore backup data please help

  20. david says:

    please give us database password

  21. Alok says:

    Database currept show kr rha

  22. what is the username and password???

  23. ravi says:

    pls try to upload CIMS for coaching management….. request him.

  24. Anees Khan says:

    i cracked with given crack. to enter program user name and password needed

  25. Bhupendra mishra says:

    how can we crack this software plz tell me sir

  26. Bhupendra mishra says:

    how crack this software

  27. Viqar says:

    I replaced the file with the given sms.exe. but it is still asking for keys

  28. antu says:

    User name and password needed

  29. Mash says:

    How do you restore your access Database file backup ??

  30. Irfan says:

    How to restore using mapping tab

  31. Ali says:

    user name password please

  32. Ali says:

    kindly email me user name and password plz
    [email protected]

  33. junaid says:

    how to restore back up?

  34. Cosmas says:

    what is the username and password?

  35. Vishal says:

    What is the login username and password.. share plz

  36. Ebo Yeboah says:

    need a church management software with attendance machine

  37. Acha Flobert says:

    It’s a nice software really easy to used and organise but what is the backup password which is in access??

  38. dsn says:

    user name and password

  39. Abhay says:

    it is not working with Xp

  40. What is the User Name and Password

  41. daniel espi says:

    pls can i get activation key and unlock key

  42. Tim says:

    What is the username and password for login?

  43. TROY TECH says:

    cannot ope database “. it may not be a database that your application recognizes,or the file may be corrupt how to solve plzz tell me ASAP

  44. Fast Furious says:

    Bro can you please add school megica cracked same as School Management Software please

  45. Anthony Amissah says:

    Please user name and pasword

  46. mobilehelpsitebdul says:

    user and password

  47. JindanJun says:

    The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine.

  48. Khaled says:

    please send me Application ID, and unlock Key. My email ID- [email protected]

  49. Kindly Leo says:

    Please what is the username and password

  50. Gladwell says:

    Please help me with username and password

  51. anuj says:

    what is login user and password

  52. habtamu says:

    please send setup exe

  53. GIDEON says:


  54. Suman Paria says:

    username and password ???

  55. harjeet says:

    sir session not show

  56. kc says:

    what is user name and password

  57. John says:

    hi, username and password of the software please.

  58. manish says:

    what is the pass word of access database

  59. What is username & password?

  60. Azza says:

    Why i can’t open the file. It’s keep show pop up message that i need to key in TRIAL KEY. Can someone help me to solve this one.

  61. tasnim35 says:

    what is user name and password?

  62. Stephen Amaning says:

    I have downloaded sms 3.1 and have installed it but it is asking for user name , password and session. Any help

  63. Ravi says:

    whats is Username and password of software unable to login ???

  64. dailybasarat says:

    what is user name and password pls??

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